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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Non-Fiction
  Posted: March 29, 2020      Views: 14

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Pushin' and prayin' for a paradigm shift in Humanity's stinkin' thinkin'.

"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

The man who h - more...

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Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted Amerika
"Pathetically conquered..." by djeckert

Pathetically Conquered in Amerika....

.. .By a pathetic little bug

Heil Corona!

I'm about an angel's breath away from being thoroughly convinced that the whole world is busy, frantically chasing its tail, in an effort to avoid catching a virus that they, very likely, already have.
Not to even mention that the "fear contagion", is much more dangerous to us, than this virus is even known to be.

Again, why won't the media/ medical complex report on, or let alone even try to track, the total testing numbers? ( positive versus negative)
Why won't they even test people who go to the Doctor with the symptoms, unless they fulfill many, many prescribed symptoms or risk factors?. ( Which usually really only includes being nearly dying from a respiratory infection)

Why are they all too eager to test high profile people? Could it be, that reporting a negative result, still hypes the fear? And reporting a positive result for them helps to send the "fear contagion", rocketing?

Are we really being victimized by ratio discrimination on the part of the medical/ media complex?
(A discrimination of reporting, where they only want a very "scary" high numerator, and then, discriminately want a very low, "not scary" denominator, in the death / infected ratio.)

Why didn't they even perform, let alone release the results, of a comprehensive study/ testing on an isolated group of people (Like on a cruise ship, for example) That could give very valuable and telling data?
Why do they make sure that they always seem to report on people "accidently" , or "incompetently" releasing the "high risk" groups into the public , so these people can go on to be reported as positively "exposed" and now spreading it? (They say)

Even if the virus were a "coming" threat , instead of a thread that has already been here, why doesn't the concerned medical/mainstream media complex educate people on building up their immune systems?
Why don't they tell us to take vitamin C , Vitamin D3, zinc, Sellenuum, silver, magnesium , getting sun... on and on?

Why don't they warn us of the huge immunity killing dangers of eating even a little bit of sugar?
Why don't they tell us how alcohol consumption massively weakens it as well?
Why are liquor sales, an essential or crucial infrastructure? (Crucial to reducing our immune systems anyways?)

Why don't they even remind us that increased stress, also massively decreases our immune systems?

But nope. They don't. The ONLY answer for us, that the Medical/Media complex keeps telling us, is to wait for a vaccine, or another pharmaceutical magic pill.
Speaking of vaccines, despite last year's record amounts of flu shots given, the CDC just reported last winter's flu season US death total as 80 thousand people. Not the 35 thousand that they expected.(Could there have been another killing pathogen present that they weren't YET aware of that was already here? Hmmmm...) I constantly hear people say things like " it's a good thing I got the flu shot , because I only got sick a little bit." But, maybe without that shot , you wouldn't have gotten sick at all. There is certainly a lot of studies/ research out there that shows that vaccinated people have increased risks for all kinds of disease...including increased future flu virus risk. But of course, you won't hear THAT from the mainstream medical/ media complex. All you need to do, to understand why this is, is to pay attention to who their sponsors are in the commercial breaks.

Why are we now clamoring for Congress to pass a stimulas or virus protection Bill, that does very little to actually protect us?

Why will we let them pass yet another horrible, "death nail " of a Bill along the lines of the Patriot act, hastily passed amidst the fear of 911?

Why does this Bill give more money to refugees than to citizens?

Why do we clamor for a 1250 dollar check, (That we all end up holding the tax bill for) when 95 percent of the 6 trillion dollar expenditure goes to Big business, or the Government or military complex, and 5 percent goes to the little guy or to small businesses?

Why do we keep getting suckered?

We have entirely too much blind trust in our government. we have entirely too much blind trust in our medical industrial complex. We have entirely too much blind trust in our media. We have entirely too much trust in.... Dare I say "The great deceiver"? . After all he is the one who is the "god of this world". He is the one who took Jesus up to the mountain top and declared to him, "All of this could be yours, if you bow down and worship me." To this Jesus did not deny, his worldly power . But instead, Jesus pointed out to him that the power and riches of His people is achieved by following the Word of God.
Many of us Christians, I'll point out, have blindly trusted upon this world's "powers that be". Why would we think for one minute that these "powers that be" did not get their power from taking Satan's offer on that mountain top. Thus, who exactly are they worshipping?

Again, the Revolutionary War was fought and won in the midst of a very deadly small pox pandemic. But, NOW, we are just going to lay down and let them undo all of THAT hard- fought for Liberty, just because of a pathetic little bug? One that we may,or may not already have or even get?

Now show me your papers!

Heil Corona!

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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