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 Category:  Letters and Diary Fiction
  Posted: March 29, 2020      Views: 38
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My name is Iza Deleanu, and I currently live in Edmonton, where words are my joyful escape. Originally from Romania, I have published poetry in anthologies as well as short stories under the pen name Izabela Barzoaga. In 2009 I moved to Canada, and - more...

She is a top ranked author at the #72 position.

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #8 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #8 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 14 of the book The Corona saga
Day 13 - be positive
"The Good" by Iza Deleanu
Facts and opinion about the Corona Pandemic.

Day 13

March 27, 2020

My hands are on strike: no more water, please! No more soap! Soon I will see only ...bones. Good thing, we learnt how properly to wash our hands and where to sneeze. As one of my friends was joking, the next pandemic will teach us how to wash other parts of our bodies too.

Thanks God, I still have a job to go too. That's another good thing. Today I was finally allowed to work from home. So I am trying the business as usual thing and is working. I was able to actually have a meeting with a client and do some work together via Skype. The good thing, that this virus brought for my company, it's the possibility to use Skype for business and to share our screens. This is an excellent tool to have if you work from home, because it will give you a certain feeling of normalcy! You are not working alone from home, you are working from home with the rest of your company -- we are all one click away.

Today we are going to talk about the good things that Lady C. brought into our lives. Please don't give me that look; I know Corona is bad for your health, but take into consideration the following:

1. Lady C., showed us how adaptable we are. Since the lock down, everybody jumped to buy the necessary technology to work from home: aka laptops, ergonomic chairs and office furniture. This is good for the this industry that manufactures and sells this types of commodities.  Can you imagine that I couldn't find a proper office chair in the whole town? I finally ordered one on Amazon and is coming... on April 27, 2020. That is ok, now  I am prepared for the next crazy thing, and this time I will stock in advance!

2. Corona brought back the see me theme. People are noticing when one of them is missing from the work place and start calling and inquiring for their health. That is good - is called altruism!

3. What can I do to help you, become the norm of the day.

4. People are kind to each other and are offering to do things for each other. Take for example that beloved priest from Italy, father Giuseppe Beradelli, a 72-year old, that gave his respirator purchased for him by his parishioners, to a unknown younger patient. His sacrificed his life to save that man's life. Even if looks bad, that was a good deed, that young man will live and remember father Giuseppe forever.

5. Retired doctors and students from the Faculty of Medicine in France, have created a database of volunteers that are on standby; when the hospitals needs help they are one phone call away and ready to take over.  Solidarity and compassione, this is good, so f... off, Corona!

6. Finally there are no more boundaries between countries. For example, Italia received medical help and doctors from China, Cuba and Russia. 

7. In Romania, a hospital from Suceva was forced to be closed for several days, because the entire medical personal got infected. Iasi the capital of that district, quickly asked for medical qualified volunteers and a team was assembled to help that hospital. Suceva, it's one of the most infected spots in Romania.

8. In Bulgaria, young people have organized a squad that will shop for the people that are old and confined in their houses. They posted their phones numbers on Facebook and said:" we are wearing masks and gloves, and we disinfect our cars after each delivery."

9. In France, the clients are getting a very personalized services: you can order on- line or by phone, your products. After you place your order, you just drive through and wait in the parkade in front of that respective store. The seller is delivering the purchase straight into your trunk. Everything is packed and sterilized.

10. Back to Romania. The National Television is helping the students by offering classes live. This is amazing; the teachers jumped to help and are teaching the entire country through this media. They don't want the students from grade twelve to be unprepared for their exam before going to college.

11. Again in Romania, private businesses and people are donating money or buying supplies for the hospitals. It's so nice to see how people actually care.

12. In Germany, people are leaving food on the street nicely packaged for the ones that are homeless.

13. In France the volunteers are taking care of the homeless by providing a hot meal and medical supplies to keep them safe from that ugly old lady, Corona.

14. In Bulgaria, some stores are offering hot soup and bread, for free, for old people that are coming out to shop or need help.

15. In Canada we are bombarded with the buy loco brand. And we are buying... lots of edible from our local manufacture Aurora. I can say that since this epidemic those guys are making lots of money, which is good for their employees. People prefer to be high than depressed. I personally prefer my kittens, this si the best therapy and I do support local. You see these kittens where born in Edmonton last September, I adopted them inNovemeber, the same month that the epidemy took off in China.

I never thought that Lady C, will come to Canada. I was thinking is too cold for her taste... until I found out that she likes cold... exactly as the beer. 

16. Globally all the religious cults are keeping their doors open on-line and millions of prayers are heard from all over the world.

17. The scientists globally are searching for a cure. I don't think it matters who find the cure, as long as lives are saved.

18. The numbers of phone calls and chat calls have increased as well the overseas phone calls. Take for example my family, we are living in 3 different continents and in nine different countries: Canada, Australia, United Sates of America, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Romania. Thanks to the modern communication means we are able to stay in contact with each other's.

19. We care more about our kids, we finally see them and talk to them. That is a good thing.

20. We call our parents and grand-parents more often, and suddenly we really want to hear them and make sure that they are fine.

21. We work from home, therfore we are challenged to learn  new skills and learn new technologies for this purpose.

22. This is all good, and you can see it. So thank you Lady C., for bringing back our humanity and demolishing the: Me, Myself ad Irene syndrome.

23. No cars, no pollution, so the protestors can sleep better now! I personally prefer the global warming, and don't jump at my throat, let me explain. If global warming kills this virus, let it be.

24. Today I was surprised by nature. This is the only thing that is following its own course. The snow started to melt, and as I watching the water running under the wall of snows suddenly a realisation hits me: life is here, so stop complaining! This is good!


The book continues with The Bad. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
I decided to document how this virus is affecting my sanity. So feel free to join me in this experience, I hope the reading will become funnier, then what I posted so far. Thank you for reading and let's stay safe my friends
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