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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: April 8, 2020      Views: 103

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I love poetry and write mostly for theatre - but love the combination!

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This work has reached the exceptional level
Bliss ... amidst an unlikely setting ...
"Pandemic Bliss" by visionary1234

Driving today through what’s usually
a lazy-crazy beach-vibe ol’ hippie town
on the north shore surf-break of paradise
        I’m humming a song …
                                       what’s wrong?
No backed-up stacked-up traffic to the beach.
No sunburnt tourists giggling
‘an gaggling in ice-cream-licking colors—
colors so lurid, so blinding, they forget to look
both ways before crossing my street
No … beach. Closed.
No … cars. Gone.
No … smells of bubbling pizza
No … garlicky sizzle of burgers-to-go
No … AA meetings in the shady park by the roaring ocean
No … sandy toddlers protesting at cold showers
or bold boogie-boarders with laughing brown bodies
No … life … around
no sound … in my town
blank, blind, boarded up
        I’m humming a song … what’s wrong?
Stop. Stare. Stand in the street going
nowhere. Red light, green light.
Red. Dead. Green. Seen. Ad infinitum.
Red. Light. Green. Light. Ad. Infini-tum.
        What’s wrong?
No … people. Well, almost none …
nothing moves except
the ragged homeless guy, guarding
his usual pavement spot
by the parking lot …
Capped with a crooked bike helmet
his rapt and marbled eyes,
blindly blue, are transfixed on heaven
rain or shine, as he holds aloft
a piece of fruit – today, a lime – gifted by
a rare passer-by, passing by
my timeless grimy homeless guy … who smiles
caressing this perfect round
         in the palm
                                            of his right hand
  in what surely looks like
 bliss ...
 Just humming a song …
                                              how could all of this …
                                be so …




Author Notes
This is a 'slam' performance piece - amidst the free verse you'll find some assonance and some rhyming, specifically for this 'slam' performance format. Read it aloud please ... linger over over some of the vowel sounds ... and stay safe!

I live on the paradise island of Maui, Hawaii. This morning, they were talking about sending DRONES out over the beaches to report people (and fine them) for not correctly social distancing. They're now talking about making it illegal to surf - because emergency services can't be spared if you get into trouble. This morning, 15 cases were reported in a cluster at the MAUI MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, do you believe? Guess which staff were FORBIDDEN from wearing face masks up until a few days ago, because we were being fed baloney information about face masks??? I am furious at governmental stupidity, from the Feds all the way down to the local Counties. So many signs. So many warnings. So many lies and cover-ups. So many needless deaths. All the beautiful little local towns are closed, their big store windows boarded up ... and, in the midst of the little town of Pa'ia, sits this homeless man - so still, he's like a sculpture ... reminding us to see more than what's in front of us right now.

A request for reviewers: PLEASE review the POEM, i.e. the WRITING - and don't give me a 'fluff' review filled with your opinions about politics or pandemics (though these are welcome after thoughts). But I'm asking for, and expecting, a literary REVIEW. If/when I review YOUR work, I'll return the courtesy, ok?
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. visionary1234 All rights reserved.
visionary1234 has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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