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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: April 22, 2020      Views: 39

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Retired from Lockheed Martin as a Purchasing Manager on August 26, 2011 after 44 years with the company. Born in St. Paul. Married for 40 years. Lived in St James, Long Island and Co - more...

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This work has reached the exceptional level
Interlinked tercets
"Covid 19 Cogitations" by Treischel
No Tocsin alarm din this silent assassin.
Once tallies begin we are in to a tailspin.
No chagrin can unpin conflagrations.

Now the danger within is akin to the fin
of a shark swimmin' in a dark troubled ocean,
wherein handshakes can win devastations.

Our fear is quite clear, no ambiguity here!
We must all persevere 'til the deaths disappear,
and adhere to austere separations.

When our jobs interfere, while friends are too near
'cause contagions appear 'cross the hemisphere
it's a year now of shear complications

The economy's blown to a vast global groan
as statistics have shown we are fatefully prone
to some viral unknown implications.

As we sit here alone, like the experts condone
only connected by phone, our leaders intone,
all the rules that enthrone mitigations.

This toxic organic, causes wide-spread panic,
each case catatonic at overwhelmed clinic
achieves messianic ministrations

Increasingly manic, the public stress chronic
Satanic disease makes the pressure volcanic
the tonic, galvanic protestations.

Masks may keep it away, as will distance allay
the feral sway of this stray viral stowaway.
We will spray to delay contaminations.

We pray that each day keeps pandemic away.
In our homes we will stay, 'til leaders say it's OK
to resume everyday celebrations.

Author Notes
Just some random thoughts on our Global Pandemic.

Ambiguity - vague, or having multiple meanings
Austere - strict, severe
Catatonic -unconscious, in a stupor
Conflagration - big fire, explosive discharge
Contagion -rapid spread, easy spread of disease
Contamination - infections, polute, make impure
Din- clamor, noise
Feral - savage, wild, dangerous
Galvanic - stimulate
Manic - unpredictable, disorganized, excessive
Messianic - to effect major change
Ministrations - to aid, assist, attend to
Mitigation - reduce, make less harsh
Pandemic - widespread outbreak
Tocsin - alarm bell
Volcanic - explosive

This poem is a series or interlocking Tercets. I designed this one with a syllable count of 12, 12, 10 in variable meter. The rhyme scheme pairs the first two lines of each Tercet with the following Tercet, in groupings of two stanzas. The third line rhyme carries through every line stanza of the poem. So it looks as follows:
aab aab ccb ccb ddb ddb eeb eeb.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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