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    Twin Soul Soulmate Contest Winner 
 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: May 24, 2020      Views: 97

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Same goes to you as to me, some say
"Since Day One" by Lulube

The nurse ran out of the delivery room and over to the man
that lay sleeping across chairs, that were pushed together.
She tapped the man's shoulder as she spoke to him, "Lucas
come quickly, you have two beautiful daughters waiting to
see their daddy!"

Lucas jumped off the chairs, combing back his hair with his
fingers and stopped short for a moment, before entering into the
birthing room, to tuck his shirt into the waist band of his trousers.

"Lucas, you're not scared are you," he heard from the other side
of the door from Ruby, his wife and mother of his two, new baby
"Who me, scared? Of you three beauties?" He said as he
entered the room.
"I've been thinking, out there on the chairs and what do
you say we name them, Star and Sheila?"
"Well, you know, they're pretty nice names, I think I like them,
good job."
"Great! Now let me hold Star, you pick which one." Lucas
was beaming from ear to ear.
And that was the beginning of these two baby girl's lives. They
would always be tied together by their souls.

Star and Sheila were happy babies. The odd time that
one would be cranky or hurting from teething, the other one
would lay a hand on the other, trying to comfort them.
They hadn't even spoken a word yet but they knew what
the other was saying.

Learning to talk, one would start the first part of the sentence
and the other one would finish it. They spoke as one person
together. People marvelled at their closeness. They would
never change.

All through school, they made their grades together. They
were unstoppable and lovable. Their olive skin, brown eyes
and long dark brown hair, made them real showstoppers.
They were gorgeous.

In their final year at high school, they both started to date, of
course they had to double date. The odd time they switched
names and partners just for fun. They really had it mastered,
no one knew that they switched names until they sprung the
truth on their friends and family. Surprise! No harm done, no
one got mad, they all just sat there, bewildered.

Star was in a relationship that grew after high school graduation.
Sheila wanted to go to college, so no boyfriends ever got
serious for her. Star was head over heels in love and within two
years, she got married. All through the wedding preparations,
Sheila was getting bad feelings over Star not coping with any
decisions on the flowers, table arrangements, brides maids
dresses, anything that makes a wedding grand and un-

Sheila would get on the phone to talk her twin through all her
frustrations and come up with her final decisions. Star didn't
know what she'd do without her sister. Sheila was a beautiful
maid of honor, in the pale blue gown she talked Star into
letting her wear. Star was glowing like a virgin princess in
her lace and beaded wedding gown, that flowed behind her like
she was walking on a cloud.

Sheila returned to college and Star and husband flew to Canary
Islands for their honeymoon. A few months went by and Sheila
started to feel a bit sick in the mornings. She didn't have a fever
and her doctor said she was healthy on her last check-up, a
few weeks earlier. It was four months later, when Star phoned
to tell her she was going to be an Aunty. Star never suffered
with morning sickness but Sheila had and it didn't sit that
well with her not being told about the pregnancy right when
Star found out. They always told each other first when
something happened to one of them. Star explained that she
wanted to be one hundred percent sure of the pregnancy
having no complications before she told anyone. Sheila
eventually got over not being told right away, even though
being informed would have made the mornings easier to take.

Sheila was by Star's side during the birth of her son. Her
husband was there as well but had little room to get beyond
Sheila and her coaching. That was okay though, he knew the
closeness they shared and the labor pains.

Sheila took a few months off of college to help Star adjust to
the baby, even though all the mother impulses overtook her
as well. But there was something else different that was
going on inside of Sheila. She felt like morning sickness was
upon her again. Still feeling sick a month later she decided
to return to her doctor. Star started to feel scared for her
sister but didn't know why.

The test results came back that Sheila's kidneys were failing.
She had to start dialysis right away and sign up for a kidney
transplant. Star knew she would be her match, even though
Sheila didn't want to interfere with Star's new motherhood role
by agreeing to her kidney donation. An operation would set Star
and her husband back quite a bit but Star didn't care. She
wanted her sister to live.

Sheila didn't have any fight left to stop Star from donating
her kidney. The operations were just prior to kidney
failure and slipping into a coma. Sheila was one lucky girl
to have a twin that matched as a donor.

Star and Sheila lay in the same hospital room, both feeling
each others pain and joy that the operations were successful.

They would always know without any words, when the other
was needed, no matter how far apart they lived. They
were born together and they knew somehow, they would die
together. They would never be alone. It was as if they shared
the same soul. Soulmates forever.

Twin Soul Soulmate
Contest Winner
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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