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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: June 4, 2020      Views: 114

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Diana is a poet/lyricist who has been composing love poems and lyrics for over 40 years. She has had several poems published over the years in such publications as the Purdue University Skylark: The Fine Arts Annual of Purdue Calumet (Hammond, India - more...

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
This work has reached the exceptional level
A contest entry...
"Bring On The Storm" by Diana L Crawford

It's not about race. These horrible events happening today are deceptive at best. Citizens of the United States are not, on the whole, running around violating each other’s rights. It’s not about color. We function together in our communities without incident every single day. There are those that commit crimes against others, but racial division is not the motivator for these crimes in every day life. Emotion like hatred, greed and jealousy are the true culprits. These are colorless aggravators, and they have nothing to do with race.
Call this fictitiously-named problem of racial division what it truly is. The Red, Black, White, Bi-racial, Latino, Asian, and all other flavors of people in between are all suffering at the hands of politicians and others who govern, many being voted in by the people they oppress. The true complaint lies at the local governing levels. The Federal Government is not responsible and cannot technically interfere with sovereign States. That’s what we are all about.
We are being torn apart by true evil who do not care about any color, creed or political belief. In my opinion, these satanic elite are hiding behind the skirt of one oppressive political party, a once meaningful party whose ideals were admirable. We are, by design, set up to maintain the balance of what people need through sharing our diverse ideas. That is not the case though; many pockets filter funds from the corrupt here and foreigners that want our independence stifled to keep us ‘under control’, set only on tyranny and the complete ruin of our beautiful country.
Freedom, liberty and  justice for All – the focus of the past has been to propagandize their belief that all white men hate black men and vice versa; but we have come a long way to stand as one people, and we must come to realize that we are one people with a common enemy – the centuries old shadow satanic controllers. I believe the time has come to stop blaming each other and start thinking about what principles we truly support. 
Sticking with an ideology that no longer looks anything like the intended ‘character of the party’ will only make it harder to get out if the ‘matrix’. Unfortunately, there are many who do not even know they are in one. Our God, though, has a completely different ending in store. A storm is coming that will quell all storms, and love that will cover all people. This is not an illusion; it is embedded in the hearts of all mankind. Demons do exist, and they cannot experience the joy we enlightened beings enjoy. All people want the love of God to live within; and even if they cannot fully understand, God will not forsake for our faults.
We have been given a huge history of information from the past, as much as we need to have a solid understanding, and in this information is the revelation that the events today are to flush out The Great Serpent by 'showing the people' through exposure. It is exactly what God said He would do – show the people through truth. Selling people, kidnapping children for satanic sacrifice (including the torture of these children to harvest adrenochrome – adrenaline of the young which they drink to capture the fountain of youth and even consuming them) is just the tip of the iceberg; it is much deeper than even these disgusting and vile acts. It is NOT fantasy or theory; it is reality. 
The 'corrupt' government, media, as well as Hollywood, are now being exposed. They are demon-influenced elite that hide among them in high places. It is a difficult issue for us digest; but we can no longer bury our heads because it’s difficult to believe or accept; and the only power we have is to stand strong together in prayer in every spare moment available to us, 24-hour prayer can be accomplished! The Lord shared His total and utter disdain for these demon creatures; they are real, not just ‘spirit’ beings. We will know what evil truly looks like; and every knee shall bow in humbleness for how magnificent our Father is, never turning from Him again. Do you feel it? Do you feel the wind blowing? The storm is coming…



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© Copyright 2016. Diana L Crawford All rights reserved.
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