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 Category:  War and History Poetry
  Posted: June 5, 2020      Views: 10

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I am Married, enjoys reading and writing poems and prose's I guess some of my writings full more of story's then poems. however I am improving from where I started at. I used be known as stevenlate65 also. as poetsteve15 also poetrose65 or - more...

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prose war free form
"The Seventh Cavalry" by poetsteve15
      The Seventh Cavalry
                      U.S. Troopers

It might just be a long war; it could be one of
our longest and biggest battles yet to come.
It might be our most challenging one to this date.
But Second Of The Seventh will meet our dangers head-on. Like always.
We’ll take a rest if needed; however we’ll never turn our backs to anyone,
or we will die together arm in arm or win the same damn way.
The next battle could be one of our greatest battles yet to come our way.
For we are the Ghost of the Saber-Weilding horse Solders of the past.
Where we are all proud to be wearing the Black Stetsons!
We are faithful until the end. There is no run in any of us!
Oh yea, sometimes we’ll fight each other for fun; quite often we’re are a
bit crude and a little rude, surely unacceptable, however, when you need the best,
we will stake our lives on it. There ’ll be a cavalry Trooper will be
there hand to hand
just like the of Troopers the past did.
 There is just that something in us, that makes us do more
with far less than the rest of the Army.
Maybe it was pride of opening up the west or
fighting in every battle the United States has fought in.
or wearing the biggest badest patch in the Army, 
the gold and black can be seen up to a mile away.
We are simply the best Fighting unit ever.
And  I am proud to have been apart of them…
Garry Owens!  Charlie Mike!
PFC Steven Leroy Siegel  Carry On…
            June 4, 2020          


Author Notes
I served with these men proudly. We were the First airmobile unit in the army. So at first we had to learn how fight there way, it was up close hand to hand at times. I am one the lucky guys even thou I was with them all the time I was never hit, I got bit a bug. little tiny one, it took me out of the war and army. Never the less I am stll proud to call myself a Cavalryman. My troop was not so lucky, twice in one year it had less than 18 men alive after a battle....
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© Copyright 2016. poetsteve15 All rights reserved.
poetsteve15 has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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