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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: June 6, 2020      Views: 22

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Husband, father, grandfather, retired middle school counselor, and beginning writer. One self-published middle grade novel on Amazon titled "Cat Through the Wormhole". Member of CyFair Writers group. Interested in joining NaNoWriMo in November.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
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An error can haunt someone all their life.
"A Dream Come True" by Jake P.

He still dreamed about that state championship game of his senior year.

Behind 21 to 17. Twelve yards out. Fourth down. Five seconds on the clock. Touchdown required. Three wouldn't do.

He'd never had a confidence problem. The team, his coaches, the whole town believed in him. No losses the entire season.

In bed, hands behind his head, seeing nothing, his heart beat like drums playing the Cotton-eyed Joe. He'd just replayed the whole game in his head. Sweat soaked the bed sheets. From a star to a has-been in seconds.

He'd been sacked four times, a blocked pass, an interception .

The Rockland Ranchers were bigger than many pro players. That defensive end was close to 300 pounds. All muscle and quick as a cougar. Chad had the bruises to prove it. He'd been dancing out of the pocket all night to stay out of the guy's reach.

The last play tormented his mind. He saw Johnson open at the back of the goal, fired the pass... too hard, too high. It brushed the top of Johnson's fingers. He'd rushed it sensing the hit.

"I wish I could try that play just once again."

He frowned. A smoky form hovered above his head.

"Just the one play? Five Seconds? I can make that happen. Are you sure, Chad? It might not change anything."

He sat up. Was he still dreaming?

"Yes I'm sure! You can do that? Send me back to that moment in time?"

"Yes, but..."

"Do it! I know what to do. We can win."

Instantly he was on the football field in uniform. They were in the huddle and all eyes were on him. Counting on him to know what to do.

He spoke to his fullback.

"Charlie, you're going to do this for us. You take the snap instead of me. You'll find Johnson open at the back of the end zone. I'll take care of the right end."

He had faith in Charlie. He could have been quarterback himself if Chad hadn't beat him out. He'd make sure this would work. He'd block the big guy himself.

The ball was hiked. Chad couldn't watch the play develop, he had a job to do. He lowered his shoulder and hit the end as hard as he could, and the guy fell on top of him. He lay in pain on the ground. Cheering told him it had worked. He couldn't get up. He couldn't move his head.

"I wish I were back home."

A ghostly face smiled back at him.

"Sorry. Only one wish."

"But this isn't my life. I want to go back home. You didn't tell me I only had the one wish."

"You didn't let me finish telling you the rules," the misty form said.

"I can't move."

"I know. Your neck is broken. I'm afraid there isn't anything anyone can do. Sorry."

Light faded in Chad's eyes. He smiled. With his last breath he muttered,"I'm not a loser. I'll be remembered."
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