The Vulnerable
A few thoughts about the silenced.
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 Category:  Fantasy Fiction
  Posted: June 11, 2020      Views: 46

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New Light on an Old Vision
"Nostradamus, June 2020" by Clockwise

For those unfamiliar, Nostradamus was a French physician and astrologer from the sixteenth century. However, he is best known for his prophetic visions recorded in the form of quatrains--short, and often cryptic, four line poems. The quatrains were presented, and published, in groups of one-hundred, called 'Centuries.' In total, he produced 941 of these quatrains.

As time went on, some of his prophecies proved to be eerily accurate. Most remain utterly confusing. However, every now and then, the current news cycle finds itself revealed in one of these ancient texts.

Below, I have included three quatrains included in Nostradamus's Eighth Century.


In the western Gemini city,
a bailiff appoints himself judge.
The children of Lilith rise against him,
a broken nation in flames.


The people will be made deaf,
unaware of the trumpet's blast
The New City aligns itself with Cain;
old wounds made fresh again.


Scorpio will see a hero return.
Old and worn, his days numbered.
As Jupiter and Saturn conjoin,
the second becomes the first.

Commentators point to the first line of the 95th quatrain, and now believe "western Gemini city" refers to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul are commonly called the "Twin Cities," and Minneapolis is located to the west of St. Paul.

The line "a bailiff appoints himself judge" appears to directly reference Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who stands accused of killing a George Floyd while he was in police custody. The last two lines seem to indicate the ensuing protests in Minneapolis and other major cities across the U.S. However, "the children of Lilith" seems to defy any kind of straight-forward interpretation.

The 96th quatrain remains a mystery in the short-term. Scholars agree, however, that throughout the rest of Nostradamus's prophecies "New City" is a reference to New York City. This interpretation makes sense given the fact that this quatrain directly follows the 95th, which contains clear references to ongoing events inside the United States.

The 97th quatrain is the most interesting because, if it IS actually connected to the 95th, then it can only be referencing November and December of our current year. The key to this conclusion rests in the line "As Jupiter and Saturn conjoin." Astronomically speaking, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is an extremely rare event with its next occurrence happening on December 21, 2020.

The first line of the 97th quatrain, "Scorpio will see a hero return," points to an event, in this case, a hero's return, happening sometime between October 22nd and November 21st, when the sun is said to be in the constellation Scorpio. There isn't much argument on this point. The bigger question is, "who is this 'hero'?"

It would make sense to assume that the hero being referred to will be the winner of the U.S. presidential election that takes place on Tuesday, November 3rd. Of the two major party candidates, only former Vice President Joe Biden can make any kind of claim of "a return." Certainly, "old and worn" would also describes a man entering his 78th year.

However, if true, the rest of the quatrain does not bode well for Mr. Biden. A straightforward interpretation of the text suggests that whomever he chooses as his running mate, "the second," will end up eventually becoming president. Many modern-day pundits are making the exact same prediction, albeit 500 years later.

Until then, to better understand what Nostradamus is trying to warn us about, we should set our eyes on New York. There is some very distressing language in this 96th quatrain. The reference to Cain, for instance, as he is the most notorious murderer in the book of Genesis. Also, the "trumpet's blast" language is reminiscent of that other prophetic text, the book of Revelation.

I am curious, yet anxious, as to what the future holds. But I take solace in the old adage, "forewarned is forearmed."
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Monica Morrell at

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