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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Poetry
  Posted: July 4, 2020      Views: 7

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languages teacher Dip Ed BA MA tefl Inst of Ling..often work abroad, had some exhibitions previously of small water colours I paint. Two poetry books- waterstones- Paper Battleships and The Prody's. nine more ready to print- Many editors awards o - more...

She is an accomplished script writer and is currently at the #9 spot on the rankings.

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strange times
"Catechesis" by bertodi
Despondent despair at present life

generosity, given no grounds
Father Christmas knows no bounds
I move he enters by the side entrance

wasting the tunnel of flames
at tinges appear of deferred smells
the lab are arsonists, human flesh sizzles

protruding from each tradesman's entrance
next naive question please from those interested
hiding from all the possibilities, bury all

Get her out, she smells the Black Magic from afar
It is an order from the Ministry sex buddies
for which you'll get carte blanche, any crimes

committed criminals, not again for God's sake
louder please, the answerer drones
someone hated her folk music across the nations

repulsive continued revulsions desiccates
they said on tv the eyes have it
for the haves to have as much as they want

or as they told me, some women have to be forced
they call it seasoning women
that was their only excuse for chauvinism

along with flag waving nationalism
it is my first time hearing english linguistics
they use such clever innuendoes, hard to believe

note, no support though, for the lapsed
we all frankly object in London
the only answer is to smash this new machine

hide it somewhere, possibly in the Tower
it is questionable whether we can cope
with such a breadth of lies and innuendoes

truths turned about to follow on actions
the will of the Ministries is always relevant
divulge or stifle all the business losses

putting it forward to the nation is out of the question
with all the cash spent on it over these years
so much given, so much robbed by this new technique

views which report too much
unexpurgated, you are all on this thing
ended freedom and privacy for once and for all

memberships of democracy forget it
the visitors definitely signed the forms
and the victims just weren't aware of the intent

no one knew they had volunteered
including the beautiful Princess
it blows normality to extremes

for this new pandora's box of dirty tricks
nefarious dastards
treachery on the flat side
read carefully,
it is all in there..

the new Aleister Crowley continuation
Do as thou Wilt!

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© Copyright 2016. bertodi All rights reserved.
bertodi has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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