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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: July 9, 2020      Views: 44

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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #70 spot on the rankings.

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Pastor Sam calls in friends to fundraise for the homeless
"Father's House fundraiser" by flylikeaneagle

on wings of eagles - act two
Please read the author's notes in the bottom of this piece.

Dr. Kline parked his freshly washed, red Land Cruiser near The Father's House. Praise music drifted outside as he walked to the Five Points mansion. He spotted Maxi talking on her cell phone and sitting on the top step.

Maxi said, "Dinner with you Tuesday night at the Mercury Cafe was fabulous, Jenna. It was fun swing dancing with the older guys. Mike told me he taught many ladies how to dance."

Maxi caught the smell of sandalwood and myrrh cologne as Dr. Kline stood next to her.

"Hello, Maxi. Are you coming in?" He held the eight-foot door open for her.

Maxi stood up, "I'm at The Father's House today. We're meeting for dinner and fundraiser ideas. Talk again, soon."

She smiled at Dr. Kline. "Thank you. How is Phoenix?" Maxi walked through the eight-foot door. She looked at a floral watercolor picture placed above the entry table in the foyer.

"Phoenix is young and a fighter. He's in God's hands." Dr. Kline wore a soft wool plaid, sports coat over his white shirt, and black jeans. "Glad you are his friend. He needs a positive fellowship, Maxi."

"We connected right away. Seemed like he needed someone to talk to." Maxi shook Dr. Kline's warm hand. "How long will he be in the hospital?"

"Phoenix is improving. Maybe, a couple of weeks tops. He'll need some exercise therapy. You'll be influential in your support with the water aerobics you offered him. I appreciate you."

"Water aerobics is great therapy. It will be good for me to get into the water again."

"Linda and Sam invited me to this meeting. It's my first time here." Dr. Kline walked into the worship room with Maxi. He looked around the huge renovated living room. The updated Victorian floral sofas, antique black walnut tables, and brightly colored scripture posters made the room comfortable. The gold-painted ceiling had oak wood beams. The Colorado red rock fireplace wood logs created a warm blaze. Above the fireplace, words painted in purple floated upward, "Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit."

"Pastor Sam's music is amazing." Maxi sang along with the words. Dr. Robert and Maxi stood at the back of the worship center in the living room of the mansion. Sam played his black grand piano. Teens sang around the piano. Two guitar players added to the music depth and rhythm. They sang the song by flylikeaneagle, "Shine your light upon us."

Holy Father, shine your light upon us day and night.

Saturate us with your presence, glory, and might.

Shine your light and strengthen us so we can see.

We are your children, by your love you set us free.

We praise you Jesus and seek your precious face.

Shine your light and glory in The Father's place.

Shine your light and glory, by your great grace!

Fill us Jesus, we will spread love to every race.

We are your children, by your love you set us free.

Jesus, you shine your light and glory so we can see.

Pastor Sam spoke loudly, "Welcome to The Father's House. I called you together to help us with fundraising. Our goal is to help people outside the steeple. We've seen many homeless people living in tents year-round. They need a place to live, food, clothes, sleeping bags, and wages. Some go to mental health counseling. We can walk alongside people with love, not judgment." Pastor Sam looked at the eyes of the people, from doctors to professionals, laborers, and youth.

Terry and Linda stood next to Pastor Sam in front of the worship center. "Terry and I started The Father's House to fill these needs," Pastor Sam said. "With Colorado building renovations in a growth spurt, people are losing their homes. Tourists are making the prices go up. We need to embrace our community culture, history, music, and provide homes for people."

"I want to introduce you to Linda," Terry spoke after Pastor Sam. "She's an amazing chef at LoDo. Linda teaches and mentors people to cook here. Please help yourself to her fabulous food after our worship time."

"Thank you, Terry, " Linda said. "I appreciate the amazing way you flipped The Father's House from a rundown mansion. You hired vets and skilled craftsmen who opened up these rooms, and redesigned this home into a regal worship center."

"We are excited to have everyone here from the Denver Dreamers and Southwest Community. We will embrace all lives, during the growing pains, messy and glamourous." Linda stated. "Please enjoy my dinner food. We will brainstorm together to make a difference in our lives with love. We have paper and colored pens on each table for you to write down ideas."

"Let me introduce Joshua Eagle," Linda stated.

Joshua took the mike and said, "Thank you, Linda. I am Destiny and Zoe's mentor. They are talented fashion designers graduating with honors from The Boulder School of Design."

Destiny and Zoe stood next to Joshua. They wore unique sky blue and indigo-violet sportswear with an eagle emblem on the left side of their tees and jackets.

"Our True Colors sportswear designers created a hiking design line. We would like to have models for a fashion show I am hosting at my ranch, Flying Eagle Ranch, outside of Boulder," said Joshua. "It's my family's estate. I am hosting the Southwest Horse sale in May, Memorial Weekend. We will have trail riding for the models and those who attend the fashion show and horse sale. It will be a grand weekend. I am giving seed money to Pastor Sam's fundraisers. Whoever wants to attend the event or model, please sign up with the designers."

Destiny and Zoe walked around the worship room talking to people.

Linda told Destiny. "I would love to model for you. Can I try on your jacket?"

"Thank you, Linda." Destiny took off her jacket for Linda and handed it to Linda. "We added the silver eagle emblem so it would shine at night like a light."

"I like this jacket. It fits nice and has lots of pockets."

Zoe added, "We are so honored to have Joshua Eagle for our mentor. His ranch is amazing."

"We want to feature a True Colors backpack for our models and clients." Destiny had a small feather braided in her purple and brown hair. She wore a white gem and stone crystal necklace with the word, "Dreamer."

"I like your necklace, Destiny. Did you design this one?" Linda smiled.

"Yes, I designed several necklace lines. I added quotes or scriptures to remind people to meditate on these words. Too many people are being bullied with labels placed on them. I want to give them a word tool for strength."

"I regret that I lost a son to suicide. He was alone, bullied, isolated and..." Linda had tears run down her cheek. "I would love to share your strength necklaces with my friends."

"We can brainstorm words that are dear to you. Can you help with beading and scriptures at our studio? You can be our design buddy." Destiny touched Linda's hand. "Together, we are strong in the Lord."

Linda prayed. "We are strong in the Lord and the power of His might. We become a cord that can't be broken when we connect together with Jesus."

Linda said as she smiled at Destiny and Zoe. "We can provide backpacks to the street people with books, personal supplies, and coupons for food from the Denver vendors. We'll lift up people with positive words. We'll call this mission, Connect2Christ."

Zoe and Destiny looked at each other. "Let's add backpacks to the idea list, Zoe."

Pastor Sam walked by with Joshua Eagle. "Linda, I would like to introduce you to Joshua. He owns the Flying Eagle Ranch outside of Boulder."

"I am blessed to meet you. Destiny and Zoe are amazing." Linda noticed Joshua's sun-streaked, brown layered hair, smiling eyes, and suntanned copper skin. He wore a denim jacket with a silver eagle emblem on the front.

"Pleasure is mine, Linda. I'm excited to try out your dinner."

"Nice jacket, Joshua." She admired the soft denim with the silver buttons and thread.

"Thank you, Linda. This was one of True Color's first jackets they designed for the men's line. Do you like it?" Joshua modeled by spinning around with an attitude.

Linda laughed. "Nice fit, must be a perk for mentoring fashion designers. Let me know what you think of my food."

"I look forward to your food." Joshua gave Linda an enormous grin.

"How did you discover a design team when you are a ranch owner, Joshua?"

"Destiny used to compete in jumping horses near Boulder. I was one of the judges. She sewed her outfits. Zoe was a dancer at Fort Collins. Her mom ran an art studio and taught her to sew her dance costumes. Destiny and Zoe met at the Boulder School of Design. Destiny contacted me while she was in design school. I'm mentoring the business side of designing. We all need a helping hand."

"Excuse me, I need to check on the dinner food. Chef Raphael is grilling my Peco Salsa chicken. I made cowboy beans, cornbread, and smashed cheesy garlic potatoes. The peach cobbler is in the oven. Can we chat more after dinner, Joshua?" Linda smiled and walked away.

Joshua watched her head to the kitchen. "Impressive, tall, and talented. Nice legs on that filly."

Author Notes
on wings of eagles act two, chapter one is a Father's House fundraiser with the Denver Dreamers and the Southwest business association.

Maxi McGee is an undercover journalist. Jenna Jackson is Maxi's mentor, who hired Maxi to write a memoir for the summer issues of the Colorado Lifestyle Magazine issue concerning the gentrification pains and the homeless. Pastor Sam, Linda, and Terry manage The Father's House in Five Points. Phoenix was hit by a lady running a red light. He's a homeless vet recovering at the Denver Health Hospital.

I appreciate all your reviews and comments. I used to spend a lot of time at The Lord's House in Minnesota. I loved their stone fireplace and the presence of Jesus. May we all find people that encourage us in love. 1 Thes 5:11
God's blessings. nancy
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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