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 Category:  Spiritual Poetry
  Posted: July 11, 2020      Views: 206
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For more than 50 years I wrote and set aside my writing hoping someday, as I came into a life of repose, I would be able to review, organize and find my inner voice through my writing. This wonderful site provides such a safe haven, instruction, crit - more...

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He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #50 spot on the rankings.

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #6 spot on this years rankings.

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Chapter 27 of the book Muses of the Heart
History shows man's fall from grace was the start
"Our human condition-suffering" by JLR
Oh, how humanity's hearts, minds, bodies
exude the nasty moral turpitude of
shameful acts...stained on all of humankind
like dark inkblots throughout all recorded history!

Hatred, willful intolerance, destruction of anything
that does not conform to our acceptable
way of believing...these acts are not new
they chew away over time like a moth
that eats away fine silk.

These pitfalls for mankind have come
and gone throughout all of history,
in the near and far reaches
of every known place on earth,
as far back as the garden of Eden
sucking the life out of lives 
like quicksand unseen in the night.

Violent crimes against men, women, children
by those who are intolerant of anything that
portends to be for the good of all is not new,
read any book of any religion.

The wisdom teachers, desert fathers, and mothers
told story upon story of man's wrongdoing
to their next-door neighbor, hearing the cock
crow at the rising of another day of 
mans heathen cries of I want it my way.

Hailstorms of gunfire week in and week out,
pummel inner cities...
if not gunfire, choose a weapon
of destruction from any generation
back to and Cain and Able
and you will see mankind's disgrace that
has shredded the very hearts of families
for eons of time - shredded like the 
torn garments of a soul lost in a spiral
down decline.

Black lives, brown lives, yellow lives,
white lives, albino lives, chartreuse lives,
blue lives, red lives
pick any one or all among these or more,
all people experience hurts, pains, sorrows, regrets,
ill will, disrespect, crashed dreams, dashed hopes!
It is the human condition in which we are all born
Such is the vast wasteland dried and withering
as time marches on to the tunes of downtrodden

Today, we have twenty-four seven
coverage showing our failed human natures,
but, our minds are now numb
to see the bad, the ugly,
thirsting even...
to see one more horrible act
not seen before- gut-wrenching,
sour bile rising from the depths of 
dispair all of us wanting change.

just as in the days of old
destruction of dreams are likened to the 
turbulence of tornatic winds ripping
homes right off solid foundations 
easily explains the jaw-dropping,
heart-wrenching, utter breath restrictive
sites unfolding before our very own eyes
as has been the same for all of the time recorded!

There are, has been and always will be
people who will rise and become leaders
who have rent the very fabric of dignity away 
from fertile and healthy minds as they
held another fellow human down, because of greed.

Persons who thirst to hold those they
attract with their boisterous rhetoric,
their purses lined with gold, that entices
victims caught in the swirling
cesspool of failed engineer systems that
destroy the very souls of people!

From man's beginnings to the
final fall of humanity,
they all have the same human stain
brought about by their thirst
for money, power, and control.

For those who believe in
a Divine order,
who live in the Present Moment,
have a prayer life,
try to live within the containment
of the ten commandments,
They, I believe, have the greatest
chance to cling to the one element
we must all hold dear to our hearts,

Hope! Thus, that pearl which often stays
hidden in the soft belly of a oyster being
molded into a precious gleaming gem 
enabling them to survive can rebound
the hearts of man.

Free-style poem: human suffering writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
The topic for this contest is: Human suffering.


The book continues with Not Penny Loafers. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes

thanks for the use of suffering Christian by Renate-Bertodi on
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Renate-Bertodi at

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