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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: July 13, 2020      Views: 15

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Retired US Diplomat (State Department) living in South Korea. Served 27 years in 10 countries. Traveled to 45 countries, 49 states. Grew up in Berkeley, California. Married, no children. Published poet, and short story writer. Finished four novels, - more...

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This work has reached the exceptional level
corona fever what it means
"corona fever" by jake cosmos aller
Corona fever - I am going to mess you up, Dude!

In this day and age of temperature testing
Everywhere one goes
It is important to remember what the tests mean
And what they don't mean

First temperature tests are a crude instrument
All it is says is that you are sick
Dude with something bad

Could be the flu
Could be the dreaded c
Could be malaria, yellow fever
Zika or any number of very bad things

But what ever dude, you got temperatured
And is is high so dude just deal with it
So stay away from here
Until you are either better
Test negative for the dreaded Corona
Or die of it

That is all it means
And many people pass it
And many have it
And many people will spread it
Event though they are temperatured
Clear negative good to go
And free of the fever

For the sad reality
Is that the fever comes
Near the end
And what is means
Is that the mean old general corona
Has a message for yah

It goes like this

Dude you got a fever
And you know it ain't the flu
Ain't dengue, malaria or yellow fever
Or Zika or any other strange tropical disease

It is the dreaded C
It means that I your general
Has grabbed you
And I am going to mess you up

So when you get c virus dude
You will wish you were dead
You will ache all over
Have pain from hell
And you will cough
Up a storm

Maybe even rush to the ER
Be told
Ain't no room for ya
You damn fool
Go home to die
Or wait outside
Until we can see yah

We don't care any more
You are now just a damn
Statistical number
Potential death number 51000 today

And you will beg me
To release you
To send you to your maker
God or the devil is waiting
Grim reaper has your number

And you know what
I might do that
Or I might just say
You will live

And walk away
And my minions will infect
Yet another foolish dude
Not wearing a mask

And so it goes
Nothing political
I don't care who you are
Who you voted for

And the blood of Jesus
buddha or any other god
Won't save your sorry ass

As they say
Dude your ass is mine
And I am the lawn mower

Yeah dude
When I get my hands on yah
It means I am going to have my fun

Dude it means I am going
to mess you up
And your loved ones
And your cute cousin

And that girl you've been crushing on
Particularly if you know kissed her
Yeah way to go dude
Spread me around
I love it dude !

But don't fret
Dude it ain't personal
Hell not, is just ya know
its a virus thing
You would not understand
Just the sort of thing I do ya know

Author Notes
imaging what general corona would say to his victims. I came up with General Corona when the President started talking about being at war with an invisable army and I figured the army must have a general. Fell asleep and had a vision of a huge mean looking black general dressed in a black imperial storm troopers uniform riding the black horse of revelations and leading an army of virus bots
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. jake cosmos aller All rights reserved.
jake cosmos aller has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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