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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: July 13, 2020      Views: 163
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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

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Chapter 7 of the book on wings of eagles
Maxi joins Terry at a Garden of the God's fitness festival
"kissing camels" by flylikeaneagle

Maxi McGee meets new people as she goes undercover to write a personal memoir about Denver's gentrification birth pains. She connects to The Father's House people who extend love, food, and fun times

"Maxi, are you ready to have fun at the Garden of the Gods?" Terry called on his cellphone, "I'll pick you up at in thirty minutes."

"Sounds wonderful," said Maxi. "Linda packed our food." Maxi added some ice teas in the large cooler. She noticed rotisserie chicken with cucumber, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches were packed on one side with a note for Terry and Maxi. Vegan chickpea, cucumber and tomato sandwiches had a note on a bag for Moni and Annie. Veggies, hummus dip, and apples sealed in a gigantic plastic bag with another note for Moni and Annie. Fudge graham, marshmallow bars and white chocolate pecan cookies packed in a large brown paper LoDo bag.

Maxi left Linda a text on her cellphone, "Thank you, precious Linda for the wonderful food. I hope to see you at the Gardens tonight."

Terry walked inside The Father's House and spotted Maxi drinking some mint green tea. "Good morning, Maxi. I have sleeping bags and tents for camping overnight. Linda reminded me she had to cover the lunch shift at the LoDo restaurant. She'll join us later today and sleep in your tent."

"Maxi looked at Terry's navy tee with the sleeves cut off. His muscular arms easily picked up the cooler. He was tall, fit and nice eye candy from years of life coaching clients. She followed him with the dessert LoDo bag to his sport camper. Loading the van, they set off to Garden of the Gods Fitness Fair.

"We have 90 miles to go," said Terri. Moni and Annie are teaching a Yoga - Pilates class mid morning. We'll join the fitness teachers for lunch. You and I can walk around the trails. Believe me, it's a good workout. We'll have a dinner and campfire tonight. You'll sleep well tonight under the stars, Maxi."

"I'm excited," said Maxi. "Can you play some John Denver for the trip?"

"Got you covered. My favorite is his "Eagles and Horses. Can you sing with me?"

I had a vision of eagles and horses
High on a ridge in a race with the wind
Going higher and higher and faster and faster
On eagles and horses I'm flying again

Eagles inhabit the heavenly heights
They know neither limit nor bound
They're the guardian angels of darkness and light
They see all and hear every sound

Maxi smiled and sang along with Terry.

My spirit will never be broken or caught
For the soul is a free flying thing
Like an eagle that needs neither comfort nor thought
To rise up on glorious wings

Terry pulled into the Garden of Gods parking lot. He spotted people with golf carts and stopped nearby. "We're meeting the fitness teachers. Can we have a cart, please?"

"Yes, just sign here. The keys are in the cart's water holder. Our Fitness Festival ends on Sunday."

"Thank you, see you then." Terry parked his van in the lot.

"Terry, where is this garden?" Maxi shot photos of a large red rock formation in the distance. She looked around as Terry handed her a black backpack filled with food. She reached into the bag for two Honey crisp apples and handed one to Terry. Maxi tasted the sweetness. "Yummy!"

"Thanks, Maxi," Terry said as loaded the golf cart with their food and camping gear. We are going northwest on Juniper road to the Kissing Camels. I'm sure that you'll want to eat after our workout. I'll show you the gardens. We can join the fitness group for dinner and camp under the stars tonight.''

"Terry, lead the way. You must have been here before." Maxi picked up the pace.

"Yes, I used to life coach groups by hiking these Garden of the Gods' trails and climbing the El Dorado mountain. I once had some Swedish gals that hired me to be their personal life coach and we explored these garden rocks. They joined me as I led the group on a climb up the El Dorado canyon. My Swedish client, Garauthea, commented that it was the most exciting and terrifying thrill she ever did in America. We camped at the canyon foothills afterward. We shared food and stories at the campfire. Maxi, people love to share stories." Terry smiled as he glanced at Maxi drinking Fuji bottled water.

"I like to hear stories," said Maxi. "This is my first hike at The Garden of the Gods even thou I'm from Colorado. I was always too busy swimming. How did you get down?" Maxi looked at the snow-covered Rocky Mountains in the distance. Warm May winds blew on her face as she caught her breath. The Colorado skies looked like a watercolor painting with deep royal blue paintbrush strokes and wispy white clouds.

Terry grinned, "Maxi, there are two ways down from the top of El Dorado. One way is to rappel down from the top on ropes facing the mountain that you just climbed up. The other way is to fly downward on wings of eagles."

"What are you talking about?" Maxi looked into Terry's laughing eyes.

"It's what we army guys call base jumping from the top whe skilled guys use a wingsuit. Others use a rainbow shaped parachute to fly in the air."

"Terry, you all flew from up there?" Maxi looked at the Rocky Mountains.

"Yes, flying on the winds is a genuine rush. I've done this many times in the front lines."

Terry drove on the dusty trail upward being mindful of the people of all ages walking. Several people walked with their dogs.

Maxi asked, "Where are the flowers?" Noises and music filled the air as they spotted a clearing in the trail. Maxi shot photos of the tents and the Garden of the God's massive rock formations. Vendors sold their artwork, fitness clothes, food, and Colorado photography at the Fitness Fair.

"Moni and Annie are close by. They teach a fitness class at 1100 or 11:00 am and again at 1400 hours or 2:00 pm for you civilians." Terry looked around. "Maxi, we'll join their class after we find the Eagle's Nest tent."

"Ir will feel good to join an exercise class." Maxi looked at Terry.

"Linda said we need to bring the cooler, desserts, and camping gear to the teacher's tent, Eagle's Nest. She prepared special vegan food for Moni and Annie. She made us meat eaters a supper meal too."

"Terry, sounds like a splendid place to take a nap. Do they have sofas?" Maxi laughed. She took a deep gulp of water and wiped her forehead.

Terry glanced over at Maxi. He spotted the Eagle's Nest sign on the south side near other the other tents and parked the golf cart.

"Ok then," Maxi smiled. "I guess I don't get a nap." She followed him and set the food in a corner of the tent.

"I look forward to this tasty food and class," Maxi said. She glanced at a tray of pastries and cut fruit on a table. Juice, tea, and water bottles chilled in ice buckets inside the large, white canvas tent.

"Maxi and Terry, help yourselves with the food and beverages. Linda said that you will join us today." A guy with dark wavy hair said. "Moni and Annie are warming up for classes on the flat rocks north of us." He pointed in that direction.

"Thanks for the food. What's your name?" Maxi looked at the muscular man in his late twenties. His below shoulder-length hair was thick, black, and braided in the back. His deep brown eyes sparkled with love. "I'm Elohim, from an Arizona tribe nearby. I promote this fitness fair with the Southwest Dreammakers."

Maxi smiled at Elohim. "Thank you for your hospitality and food. Everything looks tasty." She noted that he wore a white, linen shirt with indigo blue and purple star designs. He had a gold belt, navy blue, denim shorts, and leather sandals. His face and smile looked familiar. Maxi pondered, "Was he the guy in the bus who gave her a purple bag with a gold pen inside?"

"Help yourselves. Everyone brings food and shares their gifts and talents as a love offering. We always have baskets of leftovers." Elohim smiled.

Maxi looked over at the fruit muffins, yogurt, and cut fruit. She filled a bowl with fruit and yogurt. "Thank you, Elohim. This is nice of you." She glanced back at him and he disappeared.

Terry ate a second muffin. "Are you almost ready? I'll grab some waters and apples for us."

Classical music bounced off the Garden of the Gods rock formations nearby. Maxi heard female voices. Terry and Maxi approached the flat red rocks and saw people standing on navy blue yoga mats. Nearby, an enormous wicker basket of yoga mats, hand towels, and water bottles. Maxi watched two tall slender, blond-haired ladies in their early twenties dressed in tank tops and leggings.

Maxi picked up a yoga mat and handed one to Terry. They unrolled the mats on and placed them on the dusty ground. Maxi observed a large bald eagle fly overhead circling on the wind currents. The sky was a rich cobalt blue and the mountain air was dry and warm.

"This is a beautiful site," Maxi said as Terry took off his hiking boots.

"Maxi, take off your shoes. Moni and Annie's class will start any minute."

Maxi sat down and slipped off her navy blue tennis shoes. She wiggled her toes and looked at her purple toenail polish.

"Welcome to our Be Fit and Eat Wise fitness class. We are focusing on strength training with a combination of Yoga, Pilates, and weights. We will breathe through these movements. Work at your own pace and breathe deep down to your belly and out again. Try this, breath deep in, 1-2-3-4-5 and out the same count of 1-2-3-4-5." Moni demonstrated.

Maxi followed Moni's directions. She had blond braided hair and well-toned muscles. They wore aqua and silver True Colors exercise leggings and tees.

"Thank you for joining us this afternoon," Annie spoke. "Please stand at the end of your yoga mat with your feet together. Please take off your shoes. Help yourself to some water and a hand towel. Our elevation is over 6000 feet." She counted thirty people in their class.

Maxi looked around at the people and garden rocks. Terry stood next to her on his mat.

Moni started. "Please stand straight with your hands in front of your heart-centered. Breathe in deep to your belly and out to the count of five. Breathe and reach your hands upward to the blue sky. Hold this stretch, hook your thumbs together and bend backward. We spend so much time looking over at our cell phones, computers, and television sets that our necks and backs slump forward. Release and stand straight again." Moni directed the people. "By stretching backward, we strengthen our backs and necks. Let go of the pain."

"We are certified life coaches and personal fitness trainers at The Garden of the Gods Fitness Center. If you desire more classes, please let us know after this class. If anyone has a question, please raise your hand. Annie will spot you by a light touch."

"Moni will direct you on a simple Sun Salutation flow to strengthen your back, shoulders and stomach core." Annie said, "Let us begin, breathe in and out."

"Thank you, Annie," Moni continued, "Bend at your hips and touch the mat. If you need to bend your knees and touch your ankles, that works fine, too. Breathe and hold. Slowly roll up your back and touch the sky. Spread your arms outward like someone is pulling both arms. Great, bring your hands together in heart center and breathe." Moni watched the people. "Your body is warming up as you are getting stronger." She glanced at the group. "Enjoy the now moments and breathe."

Moni kept teaching the flow. "If any of your body parts tingles or hurts, back out of the position, and breathe," Annie said.

Maxi looked over her shoulder at Terry in the Down Dog position. He lifted a leg in the air and fell onto his face.

Annie helped Terry. "Place your hands flat on the mat like a gecko, point the fingers forward and the thumbs towards each other. Balance your weight in the hips, not the hands. You will have balance in this upside-down v position to shift your leg upward. Try it, and relax. Yes, that's right."

Maxi smiled, "You can do this Terry."

"Please step forward, follow me into the standing eagle position with your right arm over the left. Great and place your left leg over your right, slowly sit and hold for several breaths. We will reverse this position to keep balanced. The eagle position opens up your shoulders and hips. you can try this position again with your eyes closed."

"Release and shake out your arms and legs," Annie stood by Moni.

"Maxi, you have a sweaty rose glow on you." Terry handed her a water bottle.

"I haven't tried yoga and pilates before. I stayed cool in the water when I swam laps in practice and competitions." Maxi laughed.

The class stood back in the mountain position, standing tall with their hands at heart center, and feet on the matt. "Breathe in on five and out. "Namaste. Thank you for joining us."

Maxi and Terry walked over to Moni and Annie. "Thank you for your class. I stretched every muscle, and some I didn't know I have." Moni smiled.

"We will meet you at the Eagle's Nest tent for supper," Terry said. "Linda made your favorite vegan food with extra love. You'll find our Father's House cooler in the corner of the tent. She wrote notes for you on your food packages. Thank you for a great workout. We are going for a hike on the trails. I promised to show Maxi the garden."

The book continues with making plans. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
I'm taking a course in writing through Coursera. Professor David Wheeler told us to write about people we know to develop our characters. Moni and Annie are my daughters. Terry is their neighbor who is like a big brother to them. The Garden of the Gods is a favorite hiking place for us. I dedicate this chapter to all the people who reach out to others in love. God's blessings. nancy
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