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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: July 19, 2020      Views: 130
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Mrs. Wilkey's first novel, Two Tattered Hearts, was published by G and J Publishers and can be found at It's a novel about how Anna, an abused spouse escapes, with her son, the man-made hell she lives in and finds love. < - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #7 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #39 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 75 of the book St Louis
McKenzie gets a shower.
"St. Louis Chapter 32 part 2" by barbara.wilkey

While wanting to place trust in Logan, McKenzie searches for his sister's murderer. McKenzie doesn't believe anyone would harm her, but Logan feels it's his job to protect her from the threat.

It's Thursday morning. McKenzie and Logan have known each other 16 days.

Ending of Previous Post:

After Sheila was sure McKenzie was asleep, she glanced at Simon. "She looks terrible. Are you positive she's going to be okay?"

"The main problem is the alcohol poisoning. The bruising and swelling just look bad but will heal over time." Simon grinned. "She'll be back to her gorgeous self in no time."

Jose stepped closer. "She's one tough lady. She'll come through this. Besides she has all of us praying and sending love."

Bill tapped Jose's shoulder. "You're right. Don't forget Logan's love."

Trey teased, "I never thought a female would get to him. She sure has."

Bill chuckled. "He was smitten from the beginning."

Jose added, "I'm not sure what smitten means but Logan fell hook, line, and sinker."

Simon put his arm around Sheila. "Just let him hear you say it. He'll disagree."

Sheila touched her husband's hand. "I think even Logan will admit it now. This must have scared him."

The four men said, "It did."



Joanie walked in, went straight to McKenzie's bed, and studied her. "Bill, get the men who did this and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law."

He put his arm around his wife and squeezed. "We all are. We have Smart arrested. Trey will interrogate him, but we need Trey here right now and then he's going to make sure Sheila gets safely home. Maybe tomorrow Smart will be eager to talk." He glanced at Trey. "What do you think?"

"I was thinking of interrupting his sleep, maybe one-thirty or two in the morning. I know he's sweating. His absence will cause his gang to worry about what he's saying. His life's in danger. I'm glad they don't know where we're keeping him. They'd probably put a hit on him in lock-up. Maybe even by Parks himself."

Joanie stepped away from the bed and said, "Bill, talk with the doctor. As soon as Mac wakes up, I want to clean her up. She'll feel better after a shower." She glanced at Sheila. "Are you up for helping?"

She nodded. "Of course, I normally chase two little boys around all day."

"Bill, find the doctor."

Before long Bill entered with Dr. Gray by his side. After introductions were made, the doctor asked, "What's this I hear about Ms. Morgan needing a shower?"

Joanie answered, "She'll feel better after it. I understand her diagnosis is alcohol poisoning. I'm sure the IV's can be removed for a little while; thirty minutes at the most."

Dr. Gray eyed Sheila. "Ms. Morgan won't be steady on her feet and will need a lot of help. In your condition, it won't be safe for you to bear much of her weight."

Sheila opened her arms. "There's a room full of strong men. Helping McKenzie to the bathroom won't be a problem. Joanie and I can take it from there."

Joanie added, "We'll let you know when she's awake. You can remove the IV's then."

The doctor grinned at the men. "You guys don't have a chance with these two, do you?"

Jose nodded. "And Mac makes these two look like angels."

When Dr. Gray left, they continued to visit and watch McKenzie.

About an hour later, Bill answered his ringing phone. "Logan, what's going on?" He listened and then asked, "You want me to send Trey and Jose?" Again, silence. "Okay, we won't let anybody in the room. I'm placing a chair under the door knob. Keep us posted." Before he made a phone call, he asked, "You three armed?"

After they indicated they were, the three men hovered around Bill while the two women watched.

Once his phone was put away, Bill said, "Logan went outside the crematorium to get some fresh air and spotted the black SUV pulling up alongside two other suspicious vehicles. He went inside and ordered everybody away from the windows and put the place on lock-down. I've sent some trusted officers, but it seems they're in for trouble. He wanted to make sure we're on guard."

Trey rechecked his weapon. "Sure Logan doesn't need me?"

"He made a point in saying you three needed to remain with Mac. He's sure he can handle it."

Simon released a deep breath. "He can, but prayer helps."

Everyone said a silent prayer.

After the prayer, Bill added, "I feel we're getting close to ending this and they're afraid. Since Smart's in custody they're worried. I wonder how much he knows."

Trey shoved up his shirt sleeves. "I'm betting a lot. I think he's the big guys' go-to man."

"Hopefully, you're right." Bill turned his head when he heard McKenzie stirring. He put his finger to his lips, ending the conversation. "Hello Sleepyhead, I see you're awake. Joanie has a shower planned. You feel up to it?"

"Really?" McKenzie pointed to the IV's. "What about these?"

"We got permission to remove them." Joanie eyed the chair bracing the door.

Simon nodded. "I got this." He picked up the room phone and buzzed the nurses' desk. After talking softly, he hung up. "I have permission to remove the IV's. The shower's a go. I'll replace them afterward." He carefully removed the IV and flushed the line. "Okay, Mac, you ready?"

She nodded and attempted to sit up. She closed her eyes. "Things aren't working like they used to."

Simon put his arm across her back. "That's why I'm here, and so are the rest of guys. We'll help you to the bathroom, and Sheila and Joanie will take it from there. While you're in there, we'll get someone in here to change your bedding and get a fresh gown. Sound good?"

She nodded. "Let's do this."

Simon and Trey helped her to her feet. As they led her to the bathroom, Bill held the hospital gown closed in the back. They remained with her until she was stable and held a bar. Eventually, Joanie sent them from the room.

McKenzie saw herself in a small wall mirror, and tears crept from her eyes. "I look horrible."

Joanie hugged her. "Sweetheart, this is only temporary. The cuts, bruising, and swelling will heal quickly. There won't be any scarring. Let's get you in the shower."

Sheila reached in and set the water temperature. "Okay, we're ready."

She and Joanie carefully removed the gown and silently their eyes made contact being shocked at the amount of the bruising on McKenzie's body.

After the shower, Joanie slightly opened the door and asked Bill to hand her the clean gown.

Once McKenzie was presentable, Simon and Trey helped her back to bed. Simon restarted the IV's, and Joanie adjusted the blanket. She fell quickly asleep.

When everything was quiet, Sheila went to Simon and hugged him. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

He kissed the top of her head. "What's wrong?"

"You have no idea how much of her body's covered with bruises. The big black ugly ones. The ones that hurt a lot." She cuddled into her husband's arms.

"I do." Simon whispered, "I was with Logan when he removed his shirt and covered her, so nobody would see her."

Bill studied Joanie. "You all right?"

"No. These people are animals and don't deserve to be around society."

"We're doing our best to bring them to justice and stop their activity."

Jose released a deep breath. "Unfortunately, more will take their place."

Trey stepped closer to McKenzie and studied her. "I think I'll stick around and help out. I see my services could be helpful. Since I left the Army, I've been trying to figure out where I belong. Now, I know."

Simon chuckled. "Being the strong arm type you are."

"When Logan goes back to Fort Bragg, he'll need somebody he can trust to keep an eye on this one. She seems to get into a lot of trouble. At least until he marries her."

All heads turned when they heard banging on the door. "What's going on?"

Jose removed the chair. "We were ordered not to let in any riffraff."

Logan went straight to McKenzie and kissed her cheek. "I'm not riffraff. I'm the one who made the order. How is she?"

Simon answered, "She holding her own. She's pretty worn out. Joanie and Sheila helped her to a shower."

"Thank you. She looks better. I'm sure she'll feel better."

Bill's eyes met Logan's as he asked, "What happened?"

"At least five men followed me to the crematorium."

Simon chewed his lower lip. "Was anybody hurt?"

"Not inside. I took out three men. The rest were arrested." He glanced at Bill. "How much paperwork will I need to do?"

"Probably only a little, if any." Bill removed his cell phone. "Any idea where they took the others? I don't want them at lock-up. They need to be with the rest of the guys we've arrested."

Logan took out his phone. "I need to check with Mitch. I want to know who owns that black SUV. It's a pain."

Jose touched his wounded shoulder. "Tell me about it."


McKenzie 'Mac' Morgan a 27 year old private investigator
Major Logan Nelson 34 years old and an active duty soldier
Arlo McKenzie's black and tan dachshund
Megan Nelson Logan's younger sister - murdered
The Lou local name for St. Louis
Simon Knight and Sheila Logan's former Army buddy and a Lab technician. Sheila's his wife.
Fan name for the St. Louis Cardinals - a major league
baseball team.
Yadi What Cardinal fans call Yadier Molina - Cardinal's all-star catcher.
Edger McKenzie's black and tan rottweiler
George Whitney A former boyfriend of Megan, early suspect in her murder.
John Benson Man who murdered McKenzie's parents
Bill Abbot A D.A and McKenzie's God-Father; he was a high-
school friend of McKenzie's father. Joanie is his wife.
Jose Lopez his wife is Lucy Chicago Police Department undercover police
Kate Hartford Megan Nelson's friend they taught middle school
Donny Carlton A man Megan Nelson dated.
Mitch Gardner St. Louis Police Department detective who has
partnered with McKenzie's dad.
Ivan Smart A bad guy
Peter and Nancy Nelson Logan's parents
Sidney Parks works for the St. Louis Police Detective with the drug unit.
Mack and Helen Morgan McKenzie's parents - both deceased
Gus Piper McKenzie's abusive grandfather - deceased
Austin Bryant an old boyfriend - McKenzie broke up with him because he's a jerk.
Joshua Davis so far a nobody, but is a neighbor to Donny Carlton
Mark Young an acquaintance of McKenzie, a state trooper, and will become important much later
Trey Walker former Army buddy and now retired, lives in Kansas City and helped rescue McKenzie
Dr. Gray McKenzie's doctor


The book continues with St. Louis Chapter 33 part 1. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Thank you google imagines for a photo of Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. This post has a little over 1350 words. Again, I want to thank you for all of your help and support. Logan struggles with McKenzie's injuries as the search continues for Megan's murderer. They get closer to becoming a couple.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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