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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: July 20, 2020      Views: 161
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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

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Chapter 8 of the book on wings of eagles
Maxi hikes with Terry at the Garden of the Gods
"making plans" by flylikeaneagle

Maxi McGee goes undercover to write a personal memoir about people she meets during Denver's gentrification growth pains. She goes on adventures.

Maxi sat on top of a Southgate large, red rock boulder overlooking the Garden of the Gods. The warm wind blew on her face as she watched eagles fly in the wind waves of the cobalt blue sky.

"Have you found the garden, Maxi?" Terry handed her a water bottle.

"Thank you, Terry. I thought this was a flower garden. It's a garden of rocks."

"No, this is an unique garden. General William Jackson Palmer founded Colorado Springs while extending his Denver and Rio Grande Railroad in 1879. His buddy, Charles Elliott Perkins, head of the Burlington Railroad company, bought 240 acres. He desired to build a summer home estate in these gardens. His children added to his property and conveyed the 480 acres to the city of Colorado Springs for public enjoyment. People camped here for beer parties and festivals."

"This land is majestic, just perfect for God," said Maxi.

"There's only one true God who keeps your life safe. Don't go shopping for any god or idol, they are not for sale." Terry shot photos and pointed to the tall red rocks. "Maxi, the Garden of the God's Cathedral Spires are over there. The true God loves praise. You can trust Jesus in your storms, Maxi. God's protected me."

"This is amazing, Terry," said Maxi. "Thanks for showing me this area. I never had time for sightseeing here with my parents. I spent my time swimming and school."

"Use your God-given gifts and talents to help others in love, Maxi, be a voice of hope. I'm older than you, Maxi. I've seen bloodshed and broken lives from war in the Middle East. I've helped counsel vets overcome their pain, broken lives and PTSD, by gaining new dreams, goals, and passions. Together, we flip houses, like we did with The Father's House for Pastor Sam. Our business is "The Carpenter's Sons."

"Terry, I've seen photos of the original mansion and love how you flipped it," said Maxi. "How do I know I'm on the right path?" Maxi touched his warm hand.

"When you see injustice, hurt people, and oppression, you need to do something, speak up and be a voice of hope. Study great lives like Billy Graham, John Lewis, and Martin Luther King Jr. He had a dream and spoke up with action. King didn't want people to judge his four little children by the color or their skin, but by the content of their character. God and Martin Luther King Jr. influenced and led me to do good for others. Jesus gives me peace."

"Terry, thank you for sharing your story with me. I'll try to find my niche to help others," said Maxi. "Let's get some selfies with these gardens and red rocks. We can sing America the beautiful. Join in with me, Terry," said Maxi. "Our voices will carry to Heaven."

"O beautiful for spacious skies

For amber waves of grain

For purple mountain majesties

Above the fruited plain!

America! America!

God shed his grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!

Maxi watched two men wearing black cowboy hats trotting their paint horses upward to the Eagle's Nest teacher's tent. They stopped, took off their hats and sunglasses, and tied the lead ropes to the tent lines. Each man wore plaid flannel shirts, white tees, faded jeans, and leather cowboy boots.

"How y'all doing? Thank you for hosting this dinner, Joshua." Pastor Sam and Linda shook his hand.

"My pleasure," said Joshua Eagle. "I'm here to promote my Southwestern horse sale and True Color's fashion show. We need more models for the ladies fall sportswear line. Plus, I'm starting trail rides for city slickers to enjoy country life."

"I like your passion, Joshua," said Linda. "I'm a city slicker and haven't ridden a horse before."

"I'll personally teach you, how to ride, Linda," said Joshua. "You can stop at the ranch anytime. I'll let you ride a gentle gelding."

"Sounds like a plan, Joshua." Linda smiled, "I'll bring lunch for a picnic."

"Joshua, seems like everyone is here. I'll say prayers so we can eat," said Pastor Sam. Everyone held hands together outside the tent.

"Father God, thank you for a beautiful, sunny May day where we can gather at The Garden of the Gods and celebrate life. We are your vessels of light and love praising you. As we fellowship with each other. We thank you for the hands that made this food, taught the classes, and promoted this event. Jesus, we praise you for your gifts, talents, and your presence here. Amen."

Thank you, Pastor Sam. I appreciate your prayer. Let's eat!"

Maxi watched the caterers serving the hungry teachers and friends. Maxi and Terry filled up their plates with pulled barbeque chicken, salads, fruit, and desserts.

Moni and Annie spotted Linda's vegan sriracha cauliflower wraps with guacamole in a cooler with cut fruit and berries.

"Moni and Annie, we enjoyed your exercise class," Maxi said. "Please join us. Destiny and Zoe told us you wear their exercise clothes."

Destiny walked by and said, "Yes, we swap our talents." She sat down and drank some ice tea.

"Sometimes the four of us go for hiking adventures," Zoe said. "We just went for a ladies' getaway at Evergreen and St. Mary's Glacier last weekend. We rented a cabin and hiked over 10,000 steps and 33 flights of steps."

"What fun," replied Maxi. "It's good to experience unfamiliar areas. Terry and I hiked around the Garden of the Gods." She glanced at Terry digging into the buffet food.

Joshua Eagle stood up and spoke with a deep, authoritative voice. "Can I have your attention, please?"

People stopped talking and listened to Joshua. "Thank you." Joshua looked around. "The reason Pastor Prince and I came here are twofold. Pastor Prince will pray with anyone who desires prayers of healing or help. He's preaching at a seven am sunrise service Sunday morning at The Garden of the Gods on the red rocks where the exercise classes have been. Sunday morning's brunch will be served back here at the teacher's tent and catered by the Boulder restaurants. Please give a round of thanks for the Denver chefs who catered today's food.

Maxi and the others cheered the chefs by clapping their hands.

Joshua said, "I would like to introduce our fashion designers, Destiny and Zoe. They graduated from the Boulder Design School with honors. I sponsored and personally funded their new business, "True Colors." Destiny and Zoe designed a hiking adult line for fall production. They have plans on designing a youth line at my ranch with children with autism as artists. I'm hosting a fashion show for True Colors during Memorial Weekend on Saturday at The Flying Eagle Ranch outside of Boulder. I present to you Destiny and Zoe."

The designers walked over to Joshua. Max noticed Destiny wore an aqua jacket, tee, and leggings. Her jacket had a silver eagle emblem on the left side. Her black hair had red highlights. Zoe wore a purple tank top and shorts. Her blond shoulder-length hair had colorful pony beads in her braids.

"Thank you everyone, Joshua, for your support in our dream for True Colors." Destiny said, "He's hosting our first fashion show at Flying Eagle Ranch. Zoe and I would appreciate your help in our show. We need models to wear our designs at the show and pose in marketing photos. Jenna Jackson at Colorado Lifestyle Magazine will be featuring True Colors designs in her July magazine spread. Please sign up on this clipboard Zoe is holding."

"Thank you all for modeling for us." Zoe walked around. "When you model for us, we will give you the outfit that you wear to keep. Since Joshua is generous with us, we will bless you all with a complete design with a jacket, tee, and pants."

Terry poked Maxi's arm with his left elbow, "I'm in if you're in. A new hiking outfit would inspire me to keep in shape."

"Thank you," Zoe said standing next to Maxi. If you know of anyone else, sign their name here too. We'll contact them."

"Maxi, sign up your friend Phoenix," said Terry as he signed the sheet.

"He's in the hospital." Maxi looked at Terry. "I have to coach him next week. Dr. Kline said water therapy would be good for his back and neck."

"Maxi, water aerobics is a terrific workout without causing stress to the muscles," said Moni. "I've taken classes with my mom."

"Phoenix needs friendship too," said Maxi. "Maybe he'll model with us."

"Oh course," said Destiny. "We need more men models and he'll make more friends at Joshua's ranch. We can trail ride together."

"Sounds like a terrific event," said Maxi. "Terry, we'll make sure Phoenix comes with us to the Flying Eagle's Ranch. Let's pray that Dr. Kline will release him soon."

"Maxi, tonight Annie and I are teaching a relaxing zen yoga class," said Moni. "Zoe and Destiny are joining us. The guys are setting up the campfire for s'mores and stories under the stars."

"Sounds like great plans," said Maxi. "Count me in." She looked around the tent at all the new friends she made and smiled.

Pastor Prince walked past the table hearing their conversation and prayed. "Father God in Heaven, I know that you hear me. Turn Phoenix's life around for the excellent plans you have for him. Give him dreams and visions, more than he can ask or imagine, by your great grace in Jesus' name. Bless everyone here. Jesus, we praise you."

The book continues with sunrise prayers . We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Our family loves hiking at the Garden of the Gods. Enjoy this chapter
and hope that I have touched your heart with hope. flylikeaneagle - nancy
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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