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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: July 25, 2020      Views: 154
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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

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Chapter 9 of the book on wings of eagles
Maxi joins Moni and Annie for a sunrise service and brunch
"sunrise prayers" by flylikeaneagle

Maxi McGee goes undercover to write her personal memoir and stories about people she meets during Denver's gentrification pains. She connects to The Father's House ministry and goes on adventures.

LOGLINE - Maxi McGee goes undercover to write a personal memoir about Denver's gentrification birth pains, connects to The Father's House people who extend love, food, adventures, and becomes a voice of hope.

"What do you want me to say, Lord? I need your strength for the sunrise service," asked Pastor Prince. "People need to know God's saving grace and salvation. I need to draw close to you, Father God, face to face. May the Holy Spirit guide me in Jesus' Name."

Opening up the Holy Book, Pastor Prince spoke Isaiah 40 out loud...

"Comfort, oh comfort my people," says your God. "Speak softly and tenderly to Jerusalem, but also make it very clear. That she has served her sentence, that her sin is taken care of--forgiven!

Pastor Phoenix walked on the red rocks and sand on the trail leading higher at the Garden of the Gods to the Cathedral Spires. The night was lit by starlight and a half-moon. Raising his arms, he said, "True, the grass withers and the wildflowers fade, but our God's Word stands firm and forever. Climb a high mountain, Zion. You're the preacher of good news. Raise your voice. Make it good and loud, Jerusalem."

"Lord, send the people you desire to hear the Good News to me for your Glory. Return the prisoners and give them hope. We press through and praise your name, Jesus."

Pastor Prince spotted a white cross shimmering in the night sky over the cathedral spires. The light grew brighter. Pastor Prince fell onto his knees, praising God's glory presence.

Don't you know anything? Haven't you been listening? God doesn't come and go. God lasts. He's Creator of all you can see or imagine. The mountain breeze blew on his face and surrounded him like a blanket comforting a child with warmth.

"Trust in Me," says Jesus. "Know that even young people tire and drop out... But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles."

"Thank you, Jesus, for your word and energizing me. Teach me how to comfort your people."

Pastor Prince looked up at the stars shining brightly over the Garden of the Gods, laid down on the ground, took a deep breath, and fell asleep in the hands of Jesus.

* * * * *

Pastor Prince woke up before the sun rose in the sky. Eagles flew overhead like they were dancing to their own beat of music. He walked down to the teacher's tents. Meditating on God's word of 2 Peter 1:11, "And God will open wide the gates of Heaven for you to enter into the eternal Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Maxi sat on a blanket, watching the sunrise colors change from pastel golds and reds to a golden yellow. She took out her Bible, and her writing journal, and colored pens. Other people gathered and sat down.

"Terry, you can join me," said Maxi. "I see Moni and Annie are sitting nearby."

"Thank you," replied Terry. "How did you sleep?"

"I fell asleep like a baby with this fresh mountain air. The s'mores and stories were fun. I enjoyed the beauty of the starlight. I felt like I could reach out and touch the stars." People's voices grew louder around them.

"Hey city slicker," said Terry. "You need to camp outdoors more often. My brother and I love to camp and hike in these mountains."

"I'll take you up on that offer someday, Terry." Maxi smiled at him.

"Pastor Sam just called with a project for my Carpenter's Sons group to do today. See you later, Maxi," replied Terry. "I have to head out to The Father's House. Thanks for joining me. Moni and Annie will give you a ride back to Denver."

"Thanks for the walk and talks, Terry," said Maxi. She gave him a hug goodbye.

Terry darted into the Eagle's Nest and filled a to-go bag with fruit, cinnamon rolls, Fuji water bottles, and grabbed a large mug of coffee. He loaded up a golf cart with The Father's House backpacks and coolers.

* * * * *

Pastor Prince stood up in front of the people with a coffee in his hands. "Good morning," he said. "Today is the day of the Lord. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my lips be pleasing to Jesus. Thank you all for joining me at this beautiful sunrise service honoring Jesus."

Maxi watched him stand closer to the people who sat on blankets on the ground at the Garden of the Gods.

Pastor Prince said, "Arise and shine, children of God. You are here for God's purpose and plans as voices for a new movement of hope upon the land." He raised his hands into the sky. "Hallelujah! The day that I crossed over into the new life that comes only through Jesus, it was as if a metamorphosis took place. I was transformed from a life of misery, death and fear into a life of renewal, peace, joy and hope. The gate that opened to me was not a natural gate but a spiritual one. As I walked through it, the Life-giving Spirit entered into my spirit and all things started to become new." He looked at the group sitting on blankets.

"Jesus wants to so possess your life that you will not even recognize your former days. In John 10:10, The Holy Word says, "I am the gate; whoever enters through Me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.'"

Before Christ, we were like prisoners in chains without abundance of life. Even if we had success in this world, it came with limitations. In Christ, we are set free to be who we were always meant to be in destiny. We can have abundance in every way. Jesus wants to set you free from misery, depression, addictions, poverty, and sickness. Whatever chain is on your life, the way out is provided by Jesus.

Jesus is the gate to eternal and abundant life. In the passage above it says, "WHOEVER ENTERS THROUGH ME. Whoever is you and me. Whoever is any person who comes to Him, no matter what sex, race, or culture. Whoever turns to Jesus will experience the blessings and promises of Christ," said Pastor Prince.

"I have ministered around the world, and I had an incredible experience ministering to people from different religions. Many needed healing and received healing in the name of Jesus. All who come to Jesus will be delivered and set free. God's gate will open to them."

Pastor Prince walked around speaking to the people. "In Luke 1:37, Jesus says nothing is impossible with Him. I declare that your imagination is being redeemed, restored, and overflowing in creativity. God is about to speak things which seem impossible, but with His help will become possible for you." He touched Maxi's forehead. "This word is for you, Maxine McGee."

"I also declare that the voice of the enemy is being drowned out in your life and that you will not fear. God has opened by Jesus' death on the cross and is opening up the gates before you, starting with salvation in Christ, and you will walk through every gate of blessing. Nothing will stop you. No devil will stop you nor man will not stop you. You will rise into the exact place that God has in store for you, and you will testify of the great things that God has done! The Lord will use you as his voice, a scribe of Heaven's words will be downloaded into you," says the Lord. "Receive and believe this is your calling."

Maxi watched the eagles fly overhead. She felt her spirit fly higher and dance on the wings of eagles as she accepted God's calling. Her heart was filled with joy, hope, and peace.

Pastor Prince walked upon the people and spoke God's prophetic words unto them. "Bless this sunrise brunch and the work of everyone's hands as we praise you Jesus," said Pastor Prince. "I'll stay here whoever desires prayers."

* * * * *

Maxi stood in line with Moni and Annie at the Eagle's Nest. "Sunrise service was amazing. He called me by my birth name, no one here knew my legal name. Pastor Prince seemed to have a word of wisdom from God for so many of the people."

"Maxi, he's very spiritual," said Moni. "We've heard him speak at LifeLight music festivals last year."

"He told us that we would teach people to relax from world stress," said Annie. "That's why we like to do meditation poses and life coach people."

"I'll have to believe and receive. Jesus is amazing," said Maxi. "This food looks great."

"Try the vegan food Linda made for us. You'll like her overnight oatmeal with chia seeds and fresh blueberries."

"I like her lavender lemon scones," said Annie. "Take one, Maxi. Come and join us."

"Thank you for your classes," said Maxi. "I had so much fun with this fitness festival. Terry took me hiking and we even golfed with Joshua and Linda at the Garden of the God's country club. Terry had to tell me what clubs to use since it was my first time golfing."

"Terry has his eye on you, Maxi," said Moni. She added fruit on her plate and sat down.

"He's like a big brother to me," replied Maxi. "He showed me around the Garden of the Gods hiking paths." She took a big mouthful of the lavender lemon scone and ate it. "This is delicious. I'll have to get the recipe for these scones."

"Linda is a chef at LoDo in Denver," said Annie. "She promised to teach us some baking techniques. You could join us at The Father's House during the week when she teaches."

"I'd love that," said Maxi. "Maybe we could do more classes together at the Flying Eagle Ranch Memorial Weekend." She smiled at the ladies and dug into her blueberry overnight oatmeal. "Yummy."

"Pastor Sam, Linda, and Joshua took off Saturday morning so they could prepare for their street music ministry on Saturday night," said Moni. "Joshua wanted to help Linda. She challenged him to a Sunday night chili cookoff."

"I'll drive you to the Flying Eagle Ranch in a couple of weeks," said Maxi. "I promised Phoenix I would coach him with water therapy soon. I hope that he's released soon and can join us for the fashion show."

"What happened to Phoenix? I heard he flew onto the street hard after being hit by a lady texting and driving," said Annie.

"The driver ran a red light as Phoenix was running across the wet crosswalk. Dr. Kline put him into a turtle suit to protect his ribs," said Maxi. "He used it as a drum making joyful music."

"Let's pray for his healing," Annie bowed her head and spoke, "Lord give Phoenix new life filled with joy, Kingdom plans, and healing for his body in Jesus Name."

"Amen, sister," replied Moni. "Short and sweet, Jesus hears and heals his children."

"Amen. Here's my cell number," said Maxi. "Terry took off. I'll need a ride back to Denver with you. This week was wonderful, thank you."

"Stick with us," said Moni. "We'll take you to City O City in Denver for lunch, my treat."

"It's a wonderful vegan restaurant," said Annie. "Then I'll treat you to vegan ice cream for dessert."

"Can't wait," said Maxi. "I'll buy dinner for you next time. I've always been so busy. This girl time is so much fun."

"We are a wonderful influence on you," said Moni. She sipped her chai tea. "We will stop at The Father's House later."

"Maybe, Linda will make us a pot of vegan chili. We must see who wins the challenge, Linda's city chili vs Joshua's country chili," said Annie. "I'll call her."

"I have my bet on Linda," said Moni. "She's a wonderful chef."

"Sounds like a fun-filled day," said Maxi. She grabbed another scone and tea.

After brunch, Maxi helped Moni and Annie gather their cooler, yoga mats, and gear, and headed back to Denver.

The book continues with gifts and talents. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Maxi joins Terry, Moni and Annie for the Fitness Festival at the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado. This place is beautiful and a great hiking workout. I haven't forgotten Phoenix in the hospital. His adventure is in the next chapter, Sunset Encounter. I feel like my story is like a roller coaster of adventures.

I have helped LifeLight with food, fellowship and prayers to thousands at music festivals for several years with my daughters, Monica and Annie. They reach out in love and music to touch hearts and souls for Jesus.

My prayer is to lift people up with hope, joy, and peace so you may dance on the wings of eagles. I dedicate my novels to Monica and Annie, my daughters, and John, my hubby, who lets me have peace and quiet to write into the midnight hours. God's blessings. flylikeaneagle - nancy
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