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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: July 28, 2020      Views: 148
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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

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Chapter 10 of the book on wings of eagles
Busy Sunday celebrating life after Garden of the Gods
"gifts and talents" by flylikeaneagle

Maxi McGee gathers stories as she goes on adventures.
She connects with Pastor Sam and his friends at The Father's House,
goes on a Garden of the God's fitness festival and explores Denver.

"Joshua, how are you doing with your country chili? Linda asked, "What's your secret ingredient?" She glanced over at Joshua stirring the large slow cooker on the counter at The Father's House.

"Precious Linda, I'm doing great," said Joshua. This legacy recipe is from my Dallas chef, Carl Caruth. The secret ingredients, my dear in my batch are the slow cooked flat brisket, special chili spices, and a cup of strong coffee. I know some people throw in beer or wine in their chili."

Joshua walked over to the gas stove where Linda's chili cooked. She was crying while chopping up onions. "Hand me that dish towel, please," cried Linda. "Moni and Annie called me and requested a batch of vegan chili. They are bringing Maxi with them. Seems like Terry had to do a project with his guys, The Carpenter's Sons, for Pastor Sam.

"What's in your chili Linda?" Joshua grabbed a spoon and sampled the chili from the enormous pot on the stove. "Smells good for a city slicker."

Linda grabbed a spoon and smelled her chili. "Well, the Greek version that's popular in Chicago is chili on top of spaghetti noodles and loads of cheddar cheese. She smiled and said, "I have my version of chili made with hamburger, lots of peppers, celery, chili spices, cumin, whole tomatoes and Coors beer."

"Coors beer," said Joshua. "We are in Colorado." He laughed. "So what makes the vegan chili great?" He watched her pour in the beans, chopped carrots, celery, onions and tomatoes.

"I use only the finest and few ingredients, whole foods, for the vegan dish," Linda said. "I top this with avocado and chopped onions. I serve the chili over quinoa for more protein. Believe me, I load this with fiber."

"When are the people coming for dinner, Linda? He added corn into a batch of cornbread to go with his chili. He put the stirred mix into cast-iron pans for the oven. "Texas corn bread goes with my country chili."

"Supper should be ready about seven tonight," said Linda. "We have four to five hours to finish our chili and sides. The people will judge our chilis, be ready for a battle, Joshua." She laughed and gave him a hug. "I like a man in the kitchen. When did you learn to cook?"

"My Grandpa, Wyatt, on the ranch taught me when we wet on cattle drives with the ranch hands," replied Joshua. "I figured I better help cook or eat bacon and beans every day. I also helped our kitchen chefs. They enjoyed having a sou chef to chop up foods and help out with chores since we always had people over at the Flying Eagle Ranch."

"Busy hands stay out of trouble," Linda said. She whipped up zucchini cranberry bread to go with her chili and put the large pans into the oven. The kitchen spices filled the air.

Joshua laughed. "Well, Linda, I'd rather be in the kitchen than mucking the horse shit with the ranch hands." He washed up some dishes and Linda dried them.

"Did you want to make the salad or shall I?" Linda pointed to the large fridge.

"We can do the salad together, I'll chop for you," Joshua laughed. He rinsed his hands.

"Thank you, I'll make my secret salad dressing recipe," said Linda. "It's wonderful having a skilled chef working with me." She gave Joshua a kiss on his cheek.

* * * * * *

"Moni, when do we have to be at The Father's House?"Maxi asked. She looked at the menu of vegan ice cream choices. Cashew and carmel swirl, dark chocolate truffle, peachy maple pecan, strawberry coconut, and snickerdoodle containers behind the counter looked tempting to her.

"My favorite is the strawberry coconut," said Annie. "They will let you try a sample so you know you would like that flavor." They waited in line and looked at the menu on the wall.

"We have time for a walk after this," Moni waited in line. "Linda said to stop over about six tonight. She made us vegan chili with avocados and city chili with Coors beer."

"I could use a pleasant walk after the delicious food at City O City," said Maxi. "I'll order the peachy maple pecan." She sampled a spoonful of the vegan ice cream flavor from the teenager behind the counter.

"I'll have the same," said Moni. "I'm glad that we met you, Maxi."

"I am too," replied Maxi. "I'ts nice to have some fun loving friends in my life. This is delicious." She waited for Moni to order. Annie pulled out cash from her backpack and paid the server.

"Keep the change," said Annie. She tasted her strawberry, coconut vegan ice cream.

"Thank you, Annie, for the delicious dessert," said Maxi. "These flavors are incredible."

"Sis, thank you for buying. We'll go to the City Park next," said Moni. This park is by the Denver Zoo and the Colorado Natural Museum of History. You can see Downtown Denver."

"This was my parents favorite walking park. Please lead the way," said Maxi. She followed Moni and Annie out of the ice cream parlor.

"What did your parents do, Maxi?" Moni looked at her while leading the way towards her car.

"My dad was an English professor and swim coach," said Maxi. "My mom was an interior decorator. She had her own business decorating downtown condos. They live in Aspen, Colorado, and love being retired."

"Did you swim since your dad was a coach?" Annie asked as she ate her cone. '

"Yes, I swam the breast stroke and relays with our team. We made Denver State and Southwest champions," said Maxi. "I'm not in swimming shape now."

"Phoenix should be out of the hospital soon," stated Moni. "The water aerobics and swimming laps will be great for you both. "

"We must life coach you, Maxi," said Annie. "The Flying Eagle's Ranch event is coming up in two weeks. We can stretch out and coach some classes."

"Sounds like an exceptional plan," said Maxi. "Count me in." They walked by the wealthy Cherry Creek neighborhood homes to Moni's car and got in.

* * * * * * *

"I'm looking to you, God," said Phoenix. He read from Psalm 25. Chaplain Raphael gave him the Bible and Healing Promises books as gifts when he visited Phoenix one night. "Take me by the hand. Lead me down the path of truth. You are my Savior, aren't you?" Walking around his hospital room, he stopped to look out the window at the Denver tall buildings.

Phoenix held the book to his face and spoke outloud, "Keep watch over me and keep me out of trouble. Don't let me down when I run to you. Use all you skill to put me together. I wait to see your finished product."

Dr. Kline walked into his room. He overhead him praying and said, "Your tests are looking good, Phoenix. Your ribs are healing well. You must be careful with your future activities. Some problems of a concussion are difficult concentrating, headaches, fatigue, and sensitivity to sound and light."

"When do I leave, Dr. Kline? I'm getting bored confined to these four walls," said Phoenix. He glanced at Dr. Kline's white lab coat and his salt and pepper hair. Phoenix sat on a hard hospital chair.

"I've contacted Pastor Sam to pick you up later this afternoon," said Dr. Kline. "You can start water therapy with Maxi. She's a skilled swimmer who promised me she would help you." He checked his iPad and made notes. "The lady who hit you with her BMW feels bad about the accident. Her auto insurance picked up all your medical bills and future therapy expenses."

"That's outstanding," said Phoenix. "I still don't have a place to live or a job."

"She started a foundation for you as trustee to get you on your feet and oversee help for other homeless vets," said Dr. Kline. "I received a letter from Mrs. Desiree Davidson and her husband stating they will get in touch with you at The Father's House soon. They want to compensate you for your pain and suffering and help other fellow army vets with you being the trustee. Mr. Davidson is a retired army general."

"I'm over whelmed with the marvellous news," said Phoenix. "Thank you, Dr. Kline, for helping me." He gave Dr. Kline an enormous hug.

Phoenix watched a nurse bring in lunch on a tray. She smiled and walked away.

"I'll see you this afternoon when Pastor Sam comes by, Phoenix," said Dr. Kline. "Remember, trust in Jesus to lead you on your path of light. I work for him."

"Blessed be God, he heard me praying. Jesus proved that he's on my side," praised Phoenix.

"Leep reading and believing God's words. Looks like Chaplain Raphael visited you.

"I've been reading God's promises everyday. They give me hope for a future," said Phoenix.

"Nothing is impossible with God, only believe, Phoenix." Dr. Kline smiled, "I've seen many mighty miracles at the hand of the Lord."

"God is able," said Phoenix with tears in his eyes.

The book continues with celebrations. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Photography by my daughter, Monica, overlooking Denver's City Park and Denver from the top of the Denver Science Museum, February 2020.

I listen to sermons, read The Message Bible, and listen to worship music while I write. Iron sharpens iron and we are influenced by our friends. God's blessings and health be upon us all in Jesus Name.
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