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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: July 30, 2020      Views: 31

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Do lies have short legs or could you escape from them?
"Not so easy" by palmart

In my mind, the running memories kill me so slowly. The way his blood was running out of his head, the pictures are so clear and I'm getting anxious again. I didn't mean to kill that man, I really didn't. But no one will ever believe me. I'm alone in this war.
I get up from the bed; the room felt really cold and uncomfortable, like every night since 15th of July. I walk to the kitchen and see through the window, the awful Texas weather, grey sky and a lot of fog over the buildings. I'm really sick of Dallas; I want to travel to Los Angeles because there everything will be easier, something like a fresh start. I could leave, no one will notice and I would be free.
I drink my coffee and dress up quickly; my boss won't wait for me so long. I'm taking my purse when someone knocks at the door of my apartment. I hope that is not my cousin, I can't stop and talk with him. But when I open the door, an unwelcome sight is waiting for me. A tall man with deep eyes, flashes his badge and tell me..
-Inspector Millwy, i need to talk to you. It's about the murder of Hollier Wordinell.
This cannot be happening; I'm shaking and really nervous. But I promised myself that no one will ever know about that night, and no one will. I'm good at lies, I can give this detective a stupid story and he'll believe it. That is the only option I have. Melissa, don't freak out.
-Oh detective, please come on in. Will be this long? Should I text my boss?
-No, Melissa. This won't take more than five minutes.
-Ok then.
-First of all, did you know Mr. Wordinell?
-Yes, he used to work with my father in the subway and I used to have a friendship with his son, Merlin.
-Well, have you had some kind of meeting with Hollier from 5th to 16th of July?
-No, I haven't. The last time I saw that man was like two years ago I think, when Merlin left.-Lie. I was lying. I saw that man the 15th of July.
-So, how can you explain the message in Hollier's phone? --I supposed he would ask that.
-I haven't talked to that man for years, it must be old.
-I don't think so, that message is from a week ago. Anyway I have to leave so the questions are over, but we aren't over. I need you to present on the police department in the main street tomorrow for a deeper investigation. Think some cleverer excuse for tomorrow. -He says and wink an eye. Does he know more than he should?
-Ok, I'll be there.-Another lie. I am leaving to LA as soon as possible.
The inspector left and I packed a t-shirt and a jean in a backpack. I went to the airport and bought the first ticket to LA. I need to leave the city now. But I should have known this wasn't to be so easy.
-Melissa Bordoin you are arrested for the murder of Hollier Wordinell.

Flash Fiction Writing Contest contest entry

Author Notes
Melissa has killed Hollier but she is lying to the detective.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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