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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: July 31, 2020      Views: 63
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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #71 spot on the rankings.

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Chapter 11 of the book on wings of eagles
Linda and Joshua make chili and celebrate
"celebrations" by flylikeaneagle

Maxi McGee goes on adventures with new friends. She hiked and worked out at the Garden of the Gods fitness festival with Terry, Moni and Annie. Phoenix recovers from his auto accident.

Pastor Sam entered The Father's House. The afternoon sunshine floated into the rooms through the white lace drapes. Taupe paint, shiplap wood planks, and photography covered the walls. Hand me down sofas, chairs, and tables had been restored and colorfully updated to have an antique contemporary look in his flipped mansion at Five Points, Denver.

Sam looked at the pots of slow cooker chilis in the kitchen. "Sure smells wonderful, Linda." He wore a navy tee with The Father's House logo on the left pocket, blue jeans, and deck shoes.

Linda handed Sam a big spoonful of chili. She placed her hand under the spoon and handed him a white paper napkin. "How are the guys doing on the construction project?"

"Terrific, The Denver Dreammakers called on us to help the event planners and venders set up for a music fest tonight. A Thousand White Horses band is playing at the Denver music plaza. Terry and his crew set up and place the tables, chairs, prayer tents, and porta potties. They feed our guys and pay for their services. We get a donation from the ticket sales."

"Sounds like an enormous project," said Linda. "How's my city chili? Joshua made his country chili you can eat and decide whose you prefer."

"Your chili is delicious. I'll try Joshua's chili next," said Pastor Sam. "First, I need to tell you that I have to run an errand and check on Phoenix. Could you bake a celebration cake? I am hoping that he could come home tonight."

"Praise the Lord, of course I'll bake a celebration cake. It will be a huge layered sheet cake with Neopolitan ice cream, graham crackers, and shaved chocolate swirls. A celebration party for Phoenix is just what we all need to start the week."

"Please keep this quiet, see you later."

Linda got out several large bowls, put them on the woodblock counter, and cracked the eggs for the cake. She sang a song to herself. and put an apron over her flowered halter dress.

"Joshua, can you lend me a hand and crush these graham crackers, please?" Linda gave him several boxes. "We are making a quick celebration neopolitan cake with white cake, strawberry and chocolate ice creams. We'll whip this up together, top it with chocolate swirls, and freeze it for later."

"Sounds delicious, do you have enough Ice cream? I'll need a double piece for my sweet tooth." He smiled and gave Linda a kiss on her cheek. "You found my weakness." Joshua blushed.

"Stick with me." She whipped up the cake batter. "I bake everything with extra love."

Linda poured the batter into the large cake pans and put them into her stainless steel double professional ovens.

Joshua finished chopping the graham crackers. "We make a wonderful team in the kitchen."

"Yes, we do. I'll try your chili and you can try mine. We deserve a break." She scooped chili into four bowls.

Joshua topped the chilis and carried them to the dining room table by the kitchen. He looked at a photo of a lighthouse on the wall with a scripture which said, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is in Heaven. Matthew 5:16."

"This is a good memory verse."

"Jesus gave us both big hearts full of light, love and good works. I think my chili is the winner, Joshua." She smiled as she dug into both bowls. "I was hungry, this hit the spot. How's your chili?"

"I think they are both a hit. I used our legacy family recipe." He grinned at her.

The oven buzzer rang. She put on her red, hot oven mitts on her hands and set the cake sheets on the butcher block counter. "We'll finish our ice cream celebration cake once the cake cools. The people will arrive here within a few hours. I'll put some praise music on." She turned on the DVD player in the dining room, then got some ice teas with lemon for them.

"Care to dance with me?" He reached out his hand and spun her around. Then he held her closely for a slow dance and smiled. "I could dance forever with you, Linda."

"I would love to, Joshua. This is so Heavenly." She placed her hand on his muscular shoulder.

Joshua got closer to Linda's face and took a deep breath. He kissed her beautiful ruby lips softly. His heart beat faster. They embraced for several minutes not listening to the footsteps coming closer.

"Cats away so the mice play I see," said Pastor Sam walking into The Father's House with Phoenix at his side.

"We were, ahh, Pastor Sam, taking a break from all of our cooking," said Linda flushed and glanced back at Joshua. She looked up at Sam.

"Phoenix, you're back. Welcome home!" Linda walked over to him. "Now don't run away again. I'll give you and Pastor Sam a couple small bowls of chili to try. Let us know which you prefer, the country or the city chili."

Phoenix sat down at the large black walnut dining table near the kitchen and ate both chilis. "Could I get some water?"

"Joshua, meet Phoenix. He's been at the Denver Health Hospital for a couple of weeks," said Linda. "Joshua and I have been cooking these chilis all afternoon. Pastor Sam and Joshua, you're the judges." They sat next to Phoenix.

Linda brought out an iced pitcher of water with lemon slices and Joshua's corn bread. "Do you have a favorite?" She observed him eat the chilis and drank her ice tea. The chili and cumin spices filled the air. Pastor Sam finished his chili.

"Both are delicious, Linda. I do like this country one better because the meat is tender like the buffalo I used to eat on the reservation. Whose chili is this one?" Phoenix finished the bowls and drank his water.

"Joshua, you win the first challenge," said Linda. She broke some corn bread. "Delicious bread, I like the added corn and chopped jalepano."

"Thank you Linda. We made a lot of cornbread on our ranch. It was a favorite of ours."

"I vote for your chili, Linda," said Pastor Sam. "Your chili has the Black Angus hamburger we had in the freezer."

"Joshua, you won one from Phoenix and I won one from Pastor Sam. Can you excuse us, we still have a Neopolitan cake to finish with ice cream, chocolate shavings, and extra love. We are going to have a huge celebration in your honor tonight." Linda went into the kitchen with Joshua.


Maxi, Moni, and Annie walked into The Father's House. Pastor Sam was practicing some praise songs in the worship center. Maxi walked by a photo of a house in the clouds with the scripture and stopped to read, "I'm asking God for one thing, only one thing: to live with him in his house my whole life long. Psalm 27 - the Message."

"Pastor Sam, is this how you named your ministry?" Maxi saw his fingers dance on the keys of his grand piano as he played music by memory.

"Yes, I like the request of King David to live with him in his house. We will all have houses prepared for us in Heaven someday. Just believe in Jesus and love one another. Many people feel they need to climb the ladder to be important, but God built us to love. We have three things to do, trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, and love extravagantly. The best of the three is love."

"Is that why you desire to help people and take in the homeless like Phoenix," asked Maxi. "When is he coming back to The Father's House?"

"Maybe you ladies would like to go ask Linda. She's in the kitchen with Joshua." He continued playing.

Moni and Annie walked on the red oak polished floors to the left side of the Father's House into the dining room. Maxi followed and ran to Phoenix, who fell asleep on a love seat in the sun room curled up like a cat. She grabbed his left arm.

"What? I don't need my blood pressure taken." He woke up suddenly and saw Maxi face to face. "Guess I've been in the hospital too long. They were always checking on me."

"Phoenix, welcome home. "You look great."

"Hi Maxi, who are your friends?" He stood up and shook hands, smiling.

"Moni and Annie are sisters and fitness coaches. They agree that swimming lap therapy and water aerobics would be good for both of us. They taught me some classes at the Garden of the Gods during the Fitness Festival."

"Nice to meet you," said Phoenix. "You'll have to try the chili. I picked my favorite one."

"Supper will be served at seven," said Linda. "We are waiting on Destiny and Zoe, Terry and his guys, and our mission guests. They set up for a music festival with A Thousand White Horses as lead band at the Denver City Park.

"We walked around the Denver City Park today," said Moni. "We saw activity at the pavilion."

"Did you make us some chili," asked Annie as she walked into the kitchen. She opened up a pot on the stove.

"This is your chili made with extra veggies like carrots, celery, onions, whole tomatoes and legumes. I have avocados for your toppings," said Linda. She took out a spoon and served some vegan chili into a large flowered bowl for Annie. "Try it."

"Yes, perfect," said Annie. "Thank you. I didn't know that I was hungry again after our walk."

"Oh, it's almost seven. Let's join Pastor Sam in the worship center for some praise songs and prayers."

Maxi followed the others into the worship center and joined in singing the song, "Go light your world," by Chris Rice.

There is a candle in every soul
Some brightly burning, some dark and cold
There is a Spirit who brings a fire
Ignites a candle and makes His home

So carry your candle, run to the darkness
Seek out the helpless, confused and torn
Hold out your candle for all to see it
Take your candle and go light your world
Take your candle and go light your world

"Father God," prayed Pastor Sam. "Thank you for bringing your prodigal sons home to us at The Father's House. I pray that everyone is in health as their soul prospers with extra love. Shine your light and love upon us. Bless the hands that prepared the food and bless the food that it multiples to feed everyone with leftovers for the week. In Jesus Name we give thanks and praise."

Everyone added, "Hallelujah, Amen!"

Linda and Joshua led the way for the guest to the dining room. "Joshua and I made up these chilis today. We challenged each other to see who would win, the city chili which I made or the country chili which Joshua made," said Linda. "Please take some of each and vote. We have paper and pencils on the table." Two slow cookers were placed on the serving counter with white flowered bowls, spoons, bowls with cheddar cheese, chopped onions, several large tossed salads, and bottled waters.

Linda went into the kitchen and brought out the cornbread muffins and zuchini cranberry bread. She placed them on top of the dinning table.

"Linda is a wonderful chef," said Joshua. "We made a celebration cake for dessert in honor of Phoenix coming home. Please give him a round of claps. Thank you." People cheered, clapped and stood in line for the chili, breads and salads.

Maxi noticed that Destiny, Zoe, Terry and his crew joined in the celebration. Linda and Phoenix served their chilis, which by God's answer to prayers never ran out.

Phoenix stood up when Linda and Joshua brought out the Neopolitan white cake with strawberry and chocolate ice cream. "I'm honored to be back at The Father's House. Thank you for your love and endless prayers."

Maxi noticed that Phoenix had a few tears fall down his face as he cut the cake. "He's home," she said to herself, "thank you, Jesus."


Phoenix woke up from his bed with a dream. He looked at the clock, 3:33 am. He laid on his queen size bed and breathed deeply in and out. "Was this a dream? Was it real?" He got up and walked into the bathroom thinking about the dream while sitting on the cold toilet. "Did I or didn't I?"

Phoenix wiped oil and sweat from his forehead with a hand towel. He recalled reading the healing scriptures in his hospital bed from The BIble and the healing scriptures book received from Chaplain Raphael. They gave him comfort when he needed healing from his accident.

Phoenix laid on the blue sheets in his bed room at The Father's House, and read the words in psalms before he fell asleep. As he read the words out loud they turned into gold bricks that floated out of the Bible into the sky. The brick steps waited for him as he climbed in his spirit, step by step, upward and disappeared past Earth to Heaven's pearly gates. Phoenix walked on the streets of gold. He saw and embraced Jesus, who welcomed him. His spirit was filled with incredible love made alive with the Messiah. What seemed like an eternity, but maybe for a moment in his dream, he felt deeply loved.

Jesus stood tall wearing his white linen robe, prayer shawl, and leather sandals. His father stood next to Jesus. He was playing a duduk flute made of apricot wood. His song was sad, and then it changed to joy.

"My son," his father said. His face was kind. "I'm sorry I didn't spend enough time with you as you grew up. I kept pushing you to be your best but you got into trouble at the reservation. Your mom and I wanted you to have a prosperous future." He touched Phoenix's hand. "I wanted more for you than my life became. I regret not watching you run. Your mother said you loved to run like the wind. She said when you ran it looked like you flew on the wings of eagles."

Phoenix watched his father, now appearing about twenty one in age. He wore a white robe and a small crown on his head. "Please forgive me and Jesus will forgive you. Your heart will heal tonight and love will flow like a river so that you can help others that feel fatherless, angry, broken, and depressed. Lift them up with your skills and talents that The Master Potter designed you for with his Kingdom plans."

Phoenix watched his father blow on the the duduk flute and move his fingers. His Hebrew music changed into songs of the Native American joyful songs that he heard and remembered as a youth. Phoenix cried tears of joy. "Did you play this music?"

"Yes, my son," his father said. "Jesus taught me songs on this flute when I was a youth. Take this gift, I present this to you to learn our songs. Whenever you need strength, play the music. You'll lift up your brothers high on your shoulders, and teach them to fly with new dreams in their heart. I love you, my son."

Phoenix felt his father hug him tightly. He smelt like sandalwood, myrrh, and frankincense.

Jesus kissed Phoenix on his forehead and poured his priestly scented anointing oil on his long brown hair. "I am doing a new thing with you, Phoenix. I will send you my blessings, favor, and great grace. You will do greater miracles with your father and myself at your side corded together than you can imagine. I love you always and forever, more than the stars in the sky and the sand in the seashores."

Phoenix felt his great love penetrate his heart. Then instantly he flew back to his bedroom at The Father's House.

Phoenix pondered his dream as he looked into the bathroom mirror. "Was this real?"

He walked back to his bedroom, turned on the lights, and stood at the doorway. A sweet fragrance of flowers filled the room.

Phoenix saw an object laying next to his pillow. On top of his open Bible was his father's duduk apricot flute. "Oh my, Jesus and father, thank you." He sat on his bed, placed the flute to his lips, and played a few notes. It was a sad song which turned into a song of joy, overflowing joy. Phoenix felt tears rain down on his face.

The book continues with Who is my neighbor?. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Maxi McGee connects with friends from The Father's House in Five Points of Denver. Chef Linda challenges Joshua Eagle to create chili and help her with a celebration cake. Phoenix recovered in the hospital after being hit by a lady driver who ran a red light while texting. Terry helps vets and people from The Father's House with construction and community service in Denver for The Dreammakers. Moni and Annie are fitness life coaches who finished teaching at a fitness festival in Garden of the Gods. Enjoy the adventures.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by avmurray at

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