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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: August 30, 2020      Views: 36
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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #70 spot on the rankings.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

Chapter 16 of the book on wings of eagles
Joshua Eagle is hosting a horse auction, and fashion show
"gone missing" by flylikeaneagle

LOGLINE - Undercover journalist, Maxi McGee is assigned to write her memoir about the gentrification growth pains in Denver, meets people from The Father's House ministry, and goes on adventures.

Phoenix woke up early before the sun rose. He put on his gray tennis shoes given to him by the True Colors designers. These were the first running shoes he owned since his army days. Dressed in a tee shirt and running shorts, Phoenix slipped downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Hi Chef Brody," said Phoenix. "Could I get some breakfast food and fruit to take with me? I'm going for a run."

"Help yourself, I have a batch of apple cranberry cinnamon rolls cooling on the counter." Brody took a drink from his coffee. "Here's a backpack you can put them in. Grab some bottled water or juice from the fridge."

"Thanks Brody, I'm headed towards the flat irons by the mountains," said Phoenix. He stuffed the backpack, added his flute, and took an extra roll, chewing it as he left the kitchen. He sprinted alongside the road, and enjoyed the sunrise, like a watercolor painting with colors washing into each other.


Maxi entered the attic's white library as the early morning's sun danced in the hallway windows. Above the large white rock fireplace was a three generation oil painting of the Eagle family. On either side stood enormous bookshelves with books, statues and family photos. She spun around and saw two large sofas and a table filled with books. Maxi picked up a book covered with a colorful embroidery. She flipped through the pages and perceived it was someone's well used Bible with corners bent.The air held stale perfume.

Maxi heard a voice, "Arise and shine, Maxi! I Am The One True God. I ride the wings of winds, fly with the eagles in the majestic mountains and over the rivers. I give living water to the earth for seed time and harvest."

Maxi sat down in the middle of an oversized sofa, and looked around the library. His Heavenly fragrance filled the air. She said, "Here I am, Lord!"

"I bless my children. This family held my word in their hands in this room. They trusted in me. See what I have done for them, my eagles. Maxi, trust in me, do good, and follow your dreams. I gave you a gift in the bus and anointed you to teach my sheep, write my words in stories, and new songs for the youth. My Grace and Glory will lead you to tell others about my unshakable hope, love, and peace. We are all one family." A floral scented wind blew around Maxi. Jesus spoke softly, "You are my voice, Maxi."

"Thank you, Jesus." She fell onto her knees, her hands in prayer. "I'll need your help."

"I am always with you, call on my name and you will encounter my miracles." A rainbow floated in the air with opaque colors shimmering.

She embraced a warmth as it filled her heart. The rainbow changed into a bright , white light overtaking the library, then disappeared. A strong scent of frankincense, cinnamon, and floral tones remained in the atmosphere. Maxi sat on the white pine floors and wept tears of joy.


Joshua and Tommy fed the horses in the corrals and visited with the ranchers. Today was an enormous day for Joshua's Southwest horse sale auction. People spent the night in their travel vans. The horses grazed in their stalls and in the corrals. The colts chased each other.

Chef Brody lit the grills in the outdoor kitchen. His assistants helped with the cowboy brunch, creating egg bake, cheesy enchiladas, cinnamon rolls, steaks on the grill, potatoes with green beans, and plenty of fresh fruit.

Joshua sampled an enchilada and cinnamon roll that Brody served him. "Delicious, great flavors, Brody. I can taste the rich cream and brown sugar."

"Glad you approved, Joshua." Brody placed seasoned steaks on the grill. "Stop back for a steak, potatoes with green beans and extra bacon."

A rancher from Arizona spotted Joshua. Together they walked to his horses. "Joshua, you can buy the lot for your trail rides. They are gentle and good therapy horses for children." He tilted his hat to keep the sun off his eyes.

"I'll have Tommy ride them and look over your vet records this morning." Joshua petted the tan saddlebred's face.

"I look forward in doing business with you." The rancher handed Joshua his business card, "Mr. Robert Wrangler, Sonita Creek Ranch, Arizona, Western hospitality, therapy, and trail rides since 1926."

"Looks impressive," said Joshua. "Our ranch is a legacy ranch since the late 1800s. Pleasure meeting you, Mr. Wrangler." He looked over his horses. Then walked into the bidding arena where the auctioneers sold the horses.


Maxi applied her makeup in front of her bedroom mirror. Her face was sparkling with a gold glimmer. She opened up her purse, looking for the rose lipstick. At the bottom was the forgotten purple velvet pouch gift from the guy she talked to inside the bus. She recalled that he had wavy hair, penetrating dark eyes, and leather sandals. He said that he knew everyone's hearts. Maxi untied the gold cords of the pouch. A gold fountain pen fell out onto the marble vanity counter. She picked it up and read the engraved words, "My Sheep hear my voice." Maxi fainted onto the tile floor.


Phoenix ran on the paved roads towards the foot hills. His pace became steady. He enjoyed the fresh mountain air and pine trees. Overhead, an eagle floated on the winds. He turned the corner, spotted a log cabin in the distance, and headed towards it. Deep breathing, in and out. Phoenix knew he made quick time with his miles. He slowed down and raised his arms up while walked around the cabin to lower his heart rate.

"This is an old homestead," Phoenix spoke out loud to himself. "The roof looks like storms have hit it." Phoenix peered inside the windows and noticed chairs and a wood table near a fireplace. He sat down on a bench outside the cabin. Phoenix pulled a water bottle out of his backpack, opened it and guzzled. Then, he grabbed his flute, wiped it with his tee shirt, and put it to his mouth. He laughed when a few squeaky sounds came out. He gained finger skills and played a slow, sad sound. Phoenix took another drink and ate a cinnamon roll. Filling energy flow into his body, he tried the Duduk apricot flute again. This time, the sounds became joyful with lively music. He tapped his foot to the beat on the ground and enjoyed the new songs.

A large female cougar approached the log cabin looking for prey. An abandoned momma dog laid on the green grass nursing her pups. She didn't realize that danger lurked behind her with sharp teeth. The cougar crawled with her butt in the air. She watched, waited, and raced towards the dog. The cougar leapt and grasped the dog by the neck, twisting and turning her body until it lay dead a few feet from the pups.

Phoenix dropped his flute and surveyed the noises beyond the cabin. He picked up some rocks and threw them at the cat. He slung another one and hit the cougar's hind leg. The cougar turned towards Phoenix, stopped, and peered at him. An eagle flew overhead as the cougar picked up the bleeding, dead dog and ran into the pine trees.

He placed his flute into his backpack, strolled over to the pups, and gathered them in his arms. "How did you all get here? I'll find you a new momma." One pup licked his finger, trying to nurse. "Hey, not me."

Phoenix wrapped the lower part of his tee around the pups and held them in his arms like babies. He ran towards Joshua's ranch and stopped for breaks to drink some water. He sat on the sandy soil and placed water on his fingers for the pups to lick. "Soon, puppies, soon we'll be at the ranch. What shall I name you?" Phoenix walked, holding the sleeping pups, and not caring about the time.


Several daycare school buses pulled up to the Flying Eagle Ranch's summer kitchen. Destiny and Zoe waited for them. They prepared coloring sheets of their new children's clothing line. On the new picnic tables lay color markers and color crayons.

Once the buses stopped, the teachers gathered the children over to the playground to meet the designers.

"Welcome to the ranch," said Destiny. "We have fun events planned for you all." She watched the children look at the playground. Brightly colored petunias were placed in flower boxes along the fence. Small recycled tires scraps covered the ground to provide a softness for the children as they played.

"Half of the children can play while others do art work. We plan on creating the children's line with the color choices they use on our design sketches," said Zoe. She helped several children sit on the benches and placed the supplies in front of them. "Now the fun part begins with their art connecting with our art."

Destiny took photos on her cell phone of the children coloring their masterpieces. "Wow, beautiful!"

The teachers followed the children to the disabilities friendly playground and swings. "You can fly, Brandon." Tammy pushed the swing higher for her son. She was excited to be a new teacher after long hours of her education classes on line. She contacted her son's school director for a job, saying she had hands on experience since her son was a youth with autism at her school. She was thankful that Brandon made massive improvements in his cognitive, motor skills, and social skills. Since Mrs. Benson loved to take her students on field trips, she was able to go on adventures with Brandon.

Joshua Eagle stepped up to the director, Mrs. Benson. "Welcome to my ranch. I hope you like the new playground equipment created from recycled plastic bottles. I plan on partnering with Arlee's business, "on wings of eagles," to build more playgrounds at schools and daycares.

"Count us in," said Mrs. Benson. "We need child-friendly equipment for our children." She walked with a child on the bridge. "This equipment is sound and strong enough for teachers, too." She walked back and helped another child cross the bridge.

"We have a tea room luncheon at noon. Thanks for joining us," said Joshua, giving a hi five to Brandon. "Destiny and Zoe escort you to the sunroom at 11 am before their fashion show."

"We are excited to be here," said Mrs. Benson. She jumped on the trampoline with a child. This is fun for me, too." She held the child's hands as they laughed and fell onto their butts.


Joshua walked back to the ranch house kitchen. He met Linda and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. "Hi sweetheart."

"Oh, Joshua, Maxi and Phoenix have gone missing!"

"Didn't they tell anyone where they were going?" Joshua tried to keep his voice steady. "They know there's a fashion show at noon." He helped Linda sit down on a wood chair. Looking into her deep blue eyes, he gave her a soft kiss. "Don't worry, my love."

"Phoenix told Brody he was going for a sunrise run. God only knows where!"

"Which way was he headed?" Joshua held Linda's shaking hands. "Where's Maxi?"

"She never showed up for breakfast." Linda grapped a tissue and wiped her tears.

"I sent Moni and Annie to search the ranch grounds for them."

"Can you check their rooms, Linda? I'll notify my ranch hands and head out on the country roads."

Joshua ran outside to his golf cart.

The book continues with the lost are found. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
This novel is like a roller coaster ride. My professor stated that I needed to be bad to my characters. Hope will rise out of this mess. Thank you for being my fans. God's blessings and stay in health. May God's Glory shine upon you all and light your path. flylikeaneagle - nancy
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by eileen0204 at

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