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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: September 1, 2020      Views: 25
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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #70 spot on the rankings.

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Chapter 17 of the book on wings of eagles
Maxi and Phoenix grow closer during the fashion show
"the lost are found" by flylikeaneagle

LOGLINE - Undercover journalist, Maxi McGee is assigned to write her memoir about the gentrification growth pains in Denver, meets people from The Father's House ministry, and goes on adventures

Linda rushed upstairs to Maxi's bedroom. She glanced at the blanket on her bed that had been pushed to one side. She walked into her bathroom and saw Maxi's body laying on the floor. "Maxi! What happened?" Linda touched her forehead.

Maxi turned her head, "I'm here, Linda." Her eyes focused on Linda bending over her. Maxi rose, holding onto Linda's hands. "I fainted." She stood and breathed in and out trying to calm down.

"Let me get you some water." Linda helped Maxi to a soft floral chair. "I'll be right back."

Maxi looked around her bedroom, recalling her morning. She discovered the Eagle family library, the dog-eared family Bibles, and hearing the voice of Jesus. She met Jesus face to face in the bus, found his gift inside her purse, and fainted in the presence of his word.

Linda handed Maxi a glass of iced water with lemon slices. "Thanks Linda. Guess I need some breakfast, too."

"Drink the water, Maxi. I'm glad I found you." Maxi drank and finished her water. "Phoenix is missing," said Linda. "People are looking for him."

"Oh, my, I need to help look for him," said Maxi as she walked with Linda to the kitchen.

"Maxi, you need to gain your strength." Linda handed Maxi a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with cut up strawberries, bananas, blueberries and vanilla coconut milk. "This will help you with energy." Linda placed some brewed tea with lemon next to Maxi. She cut an avocado, seasoned it, and sat next to her.

"Joshua and his ranch hands are looking for Phoenix, Maxi. Moni and Annie are helping."

"Thank you, I'm so grateful," said Maxi drinking some tea. "This is refreshing."

"Our fashion show is at 11:30. Do you think you could walk around a few tables?" Linda drank her green matcha tea and spread avocado on 12 grain toast.

"This oatmeal is kicking in. I feel better." Maxi took a bite of the avocado toast Linda made up for her and sipped the hot tea.

"Maxi, it's good to have more snacks during the day to keep your blood sugars stable. Our bodies need the fuel but with healthy choices with more fruits and veggies." Linda poured herself more tea.

"I'll keep that in mind, I can help you in the kitchen create some snacks." Maxi added a lemon slice. "I made health bars for our swim team."

"I would like to learn your bar recipes," said Linda. "We can learn from each other."

"Linda, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit this morning," said Maxi.


Phoenix ran on the dirt road with the puppies in his rolled up up tee-shirt. The ranch was closer now. He spotted a golf cart approaching him with Joshua and Annie in the front seat.

"Phoenix, where did you go?" Joshua pulled up to him. "We've been searching all over the ranch for you."

"What's in your tee-shirt?" Moni spotted some fur move and eyes look at her as Phoenix sat down in the back seat with her. He revealed the fur pups, one with brown eyes and one with blue eyes. "Can I hold one?"

"Where did you find them?" Joshua turned the golf cart and headed to the ranch.

"I ran to an old log cabin and sat down to rest. Out of the blue, a cougar grabbed and killed the momma dog."

"We have all kinds of wild animals in these mountains. These pups look like a mix of Husky and Malamute. They are powerful dogs used for hiking and pulling supplies. Some city folk drop off dogs they have outgrown."

"Joshua, I'm glad I was at that log cabin and rescued these puppies when they needed me. Who lived in that cabin?"

"Phoenix, this was our homestead cabin. My great grandparents built it during the gold rush and cattle drive days." Joshua stepped on the gas.

"Who's living there?" Phoenix looked back at the small house.

"No one is there now. My Grandpa Griffon lived there until we built the new ranch house. We added on the summer kitchen with the bunk houses a few years ago. Griffon loved to ride horses, so he stayed in our bunkhouse."

"Can we update the cabin, Joshua? Tommy told me you plan on having therapy and trail rides. I could help you with your new horses. I grew up riding."

"Talk to me more about your dreams, Phoenix. Tommy is buying more horses for me. Seems like there's a demand for horse ranch retreats. The city slickers like to go on vacations to ride horses and relax in the country. I love to help turn dreams into reality," said Joshua.

Phoenix looked at the ranch horses. "Great White Spirit, may my dreams come true!"

"This puppy is sucking on my finger," said Moni. "She must be hungry."

"We can help you, Phoenix." Annie reached for the other puppy with brown eyes that Phoenix was holding and held him up. "This one is a boy." She gave him a kiss.

"Let's head to the kitchen, Linda or Brody can make some dog milk for them," said Joshua.

Moni and Annie walked inside the ranch kitchen, each snuggling a puppy. "Look what Phoenix found," said Moni. Joshua and Phoenix followed the ladies inside.

"Theses pups are hungry, Linda. Can you make some puppy milk for them?"

"Oh, they are adorable, Phoenix. Where did you find them?" Linda petted the puppy's head and looked at her blue eyes. "Yes, I'll ask Brody what he suggests for puppy milk. I'll try some diluted vanilla almond milk for now until he tells me."

"He's serving brunch at the summer kitchen for the ranchers. Our horse auction sale is still going on," said Joshua.

"Our fashion show is in an hour. We need to model with Destiny and Zoe," said Linda. "The children are modeling too."

"Oh, that's right. Can we feed the puppies first?" Maxi petted the girl puppy who nibbled at her finger. "Where did you find them, they are adorable?"

"I found them at an old log cabin by the flat irons. A cougar grabbed the mom, so I had to rescue these pups."

"You saved their lives," said Linda. "The Holy Spirit must have led you to the pups when they needed you the most. It is written in the Word, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom and liberty."

"I like the names, Phoenix," said Maxi. "Freedom and Liberty are wonderful names."

"Would you like the girl puppy with the blue eyes, Maxi? Phoenix sat next to her and held her hand. He gave her a kiss. "This is another gift I can give to you."

"Thank you, Phoenix, I would love a puppy. I'll call her Freedom and yours can be Liberty."

"Well they are hungry. Let's try this milk I made up." Linda set two small bowls in front of the puppies. Maxi and Linda put some milk on their fingers. "They like it," said Linda. "Now put your finger in the bowl and let them lick from the bowl."

"It worked, Linda," said Maxi. She petted the puppy's head as it licked from the bowl. "Good girl!"

"They can sleep on this soft blanket under the corner desk. We need to get ready for the fashion show," said Linda, tucking the blanket in the corner.

"Thank you, Phoenix! Maxi hugged him and smiled. "Now we have another thing in common."


Joshua stepped up wearing a dark denim jacket, pine green tee, and navy sweatpants to to introduce the True Colors fashion show. He stood in the sunroom facing the visitors. "Thank you for attending our Southwest Horse Sale and True Colors' fashion show. I am proud to mentor Destiny and Zoe as their clothing lines are expanding. Today, we are presenting the women and men's active wear lines. They have sketches of the children's lines on their table that our guest daycare children colored. This line will come out for fall, back to school. You can place your orders with the designers after the show for early fall delivery." He looked at the designers. "May I present Destiny and Zoe."

The True Colors designers stood up. "Thank you," said Destiny. She wore a lilac tee and slashed colors of aqua and lilac legging. She added some aqua highlights in her hair. "Zoe and I graduated from the Boulder School of Design. We both created costumes as children for our horse shows and dance shows. I met Joshua Eagle when I barrel raced and contacted him during my classes. The professors wanted us to connect to a mentor who knew the business side to help us market our clothing lines. We grew with Joshua's guidance and finances."

"Joshua is a Dreammaker who encourages, inspires, and dreams big. Enjoy our activewear and hiking clothes with our tea room modeling. We have a reflective eagle emblem on our lines as a symbol for Flying Eagle Ranch's partnership," said Zoe. "Please give Joshua a hand."

"Let the show begin!" Zoe wore a combo of soft pink and hot pink running shorts and tee. She added a baseball cap with an flying eagle emblem on the center. She announced the models and their clothes as they walked and turned. People asked questions and enjoyed the show.

Maxi modeled around the tables with Phoenix at her side. She wore a red and silver jacket, silver glittery tee and red caprees. He wore a blue denim jacket with silver buttons, white tee, denim jeans, and cowboy boots. Maxi spotted Tammy and her son, Brandon, at a table. "Hi Tammy and Brandon. How did you get here?"

"Hi Maxi, I'm a teacher at his daycare. Joshua invited Mrs. Branson's class to be part of the show and try out his new playground equipment."

"I'm excited for you both. You'll have more time together. I'll see you afterwards." Maxi turned and walked on.

The children each wore a colorful tee with the eagle emblem and matching jogging shorts. They walked around the tables handing the people a small denim and silver backpack from the designers with notepaper and colored gel pens inside. Zoe slipped a True Colors business card inside, "Show your true colors and you'll light up the world."

Destiny and Zoe met the people after lunch by a table with clothes for sale. They showed their children's line and took orders. Joshua stood next to the designers. "Thank you, Joshua," said Zoe. "We got early requests for our children's line. We can connect with the wholesale buyers and release a back to school line for the fall."

"Let the manufacturers know so you can get sewing time for your line," said Joshua.

"Can we take group photos afterwards?" Linda asked. "I'll make copies as a keepsake of our weekend adventure."

"I'll call Tommy to take photos of all of us," said Joshua. "This will be good PR."

Destiny said, "We can take photos of us all at the campfire tonight with our True Colors clothes on."

"We'll use them for our clothing lines promotion," said Zoe. "We must contact Jenna Jackson at Colorado LifeStyle Magazine to be in her summer issue."

"I'm so proud of you," said Maxi as she strolled over to Brandon and Tammy at a table.

"This job is impressive. The children all have special needs and are unique. I love watching them and learning with them. I've seen my son bloom at this school."

"Brandon looks happy." Maxi hugged Tammy. "Please keep in touch."

Phoenix stood next to Maxi. "Thanks for coming," said Phoenix.

"Looks like he's a keeper, Maxi," said Tammy smiling.

Maxi and Phoenix held hands as they walked to the kitchen and looked for the puppies in the corner. The puppies were sound asleep on a blanket. "Phoenix, did I tell you thank you?" Maxi kissed Phoenix on his lips. She laughed. "I think I did, but I like your kisses." She gave him a few more.

"Let's get photos with the puppies," said Maxi. She picked up Freedom, who opened her eyes and yawned.

"I'll bring Liberty." Phoenix strolled with Maxi back to the sunroom for group photos.

The book continues with campfire chatter. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
True Colors, Maxi and Phoenix's dreams are becoming true at The Flying Eagle Ranch.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Angotti at

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