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 Category:  Biographical Poetry
  Posted: September 18, 2020      Views: 63

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languages teacher Dip Ed BA MA tefl Inst of Ling..often work abroad, had some exhibitions previously of small water colours I paint. Two poetry books- waterstones- Paper Battleships and The Prody's. nine more ready to print- Many editors awards o - more...

She is an accomplished script writer and is currently at the #9 spot on the rankings.

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"Dublin tune!" by bertodi
Incomprehensible Guiness tale
Dublin town blessings
shaken from the ferry
flattened by the Liffey

took my nine books of poems
to the University of Dublin
the Ad was in the Sheffield Star
not to be missed opportunity

Dublin on the Green
rang across Kenny's Pub
at the Isle of Axholme
Every Saturday night

Singer with an angelic voice
reduce Satan to tears
learnt them all and loved them
East and West homesickness, sniffling together

Guiness lapped the table
washing the chips onto the floor
like the pebbles in the Liffey
then incomprehensible speech sets in-

On a freezing winter's night
blue and purple with cold
shops closed on Liffey's margin edges
sitting on ice-cold, stone window ledges

two homeless begged for coppers
Na, I'd crossed over on a wing and prayer
one put hand to heart, or his pocket
sang songs, accompanied by the other

an evening never to be forgotten
Next day to the Irish Bank
listen to the poets recitation there
left my own poems at the Mayor's office!

The secretary forgot my box of poems

You are enemy alien!

We had nowhere

You came round the camps

And asked us to come to you

-you needed workers

we were clean enough for you-then!

We knew you of old

When we were rich in our world

We bought your wares and wools

And believed in you

-believed in your traditions

But you have betrayed us

After begging us to come and work

Worse than any Russian Czar or Stalin

After being cleared in every possible way

You use us for illegal experiments

They now ask the lab drunks and lechers

Who rape kids and beat their woman

Would you like to 'tense' the victims too?

Only enemy aliens after all, no more

They are from our Colonies,

Superior to you, we owe them

You could spread your opinions around the world

Conversations in the night

Didn't really want to tell

All on monitor and lab scanner

Them--knew--they - would laugh, scorn

"That's the way of the world"

we'll give these two to Harvey for his fame

hugged the secret deep inside of me

cost the ladyship her life

Each year, deeper the lunatics delve
Deeper against the sane and straight sanity

It will be twenty two thousand before we let

The people know, open our secrets and accounts

Will the people be cleverer then or more corrupt?

Till then, there is nowhere else it could hide

Modern technology finds all

My truth, not theirs

They - always - laugh, scorn

Unless you're like -- them

It burst out, my secret, my truth

I just want to Paint, to write not this pain, confusion

It's not this top-coat image that the fudges

World outside wears and smudges

The real truth was, is as we trudge

the sun that touches

Not that one which hangs in the sky

like a floating UFO

The earth that screams in whispers through blades of grass

Tells us, me, I and we belong now

Can never be free ...

we had loved this island for you

It owns totally through sweating slits and dirty papers

Saw, came tearing out of rib cages

They broke the old ladies ribs at your bidding

Men and not these lab females care for the tots..

Like a tormenting Eve

Know thy place

For the first time

The roots of being

They answer let them laugh

I too have seen the fools

Felt their knowing

Parallels of aloneness

So let's call it


Foreign enemy alien over here...

Now let Natalka

The lab are insane and too far from sane

And use such code names constantly

Copy word for word

Natalka balks

But the money and fame are good

But I was never at this camp

And they were

Just copy word for word

break 'her' fame

And now a second Natalka

To cover the first Natalka

What ..not using germans anymore

One ironic remark answers

Well, the Royals are germans afterall

So you havn't a chance really...

Too right..

I have to tell you of my mother's prejudice

One of the Austro- Hungarian empire

These german women did seem pretty terrible

They smoked, wore trousers and did what men did

On the streets

Not our style where a man is a man

And a woman is a woman

Our genes hadn't been muddled then

And as for that madman's sex camps

Rather like the English,

Wern't they..

And yes, she found them pretty awful

So we laugh at them, gently mindst..

Poor germans and their Rheingold

Centrally situated in the way of every Army

A country to avoid thank you very much

Or get out of as quickly as pos....

We all have our prejudices apropro

or suffer one way or the other.

The lab's geography has also improved

The bosses use of our conversations

Has turned her into a self educated female

Can't call her a woman

Better Humphrey's description

And the French are still excusing

Giscard was a heavy payment

For the simpleton's sector

But then so was Rabin....
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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