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 Category:  Humor Fiction
  Posted: September 23, 2020      Views: 13
Prologue 1 

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I'm a young eighty two years young lady, raise four children they had ten children which increased the family with great grand children last count fifth teen. so there is never a dull movement in my family. I don't remember the date of my fi - more...

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Prologue of the book A letter to you
Ghost writes a letter
"A Letter To You" by Miss Cookie Atkinson

A letter For You
by Miss Cookie Atkinson

We have had Charlie the Ghost in our home for many years
One would think he would leave now that the children are adults
Now he travels from house to house
Don't be surprised If he appears at your home with out being invited
The first time I met Charlie, The kids were going to school Which I don"t mind I need a break.
Mama I can't find my homework. Don't expect me to look for it asked Charlie the ghost, he knows where every thing is, Larry laughed it's okay mama it was on his sister Sarah's desk.
One day I couldn't find my eye glasses I looked high and low.
Charlie the Ghost must have taken them. Then I looked in the mirror they were on top of my head.
Another time I just baked a chocolate cake I left it on the table to cool off, before putting it in a cake dish
When I return the cake was in a different place, no one was home except my six year o d son Larry, I beckon him into the kitchen " Who move the cake
"I don't know mama Charlie the ghost must have. I didn't move it."
Looking at his face I knew who did it, as I was about to put the cake in the dish I notice there was tunnel in the cake.
Larry was trying to leave the kitchen when I called his name "Larry how did this happen and don't tell me Charlie the ghost did it "
Oh no mama, it wasn't him it was.. Just then tip-toe our German Shepard enter the room with chocolate cake all over his mouth.
All I could do was laugh Larry had chocolate all over his face in his hair, shirt,and on his hands

He must have given Tip-toe a chuck of cake he loves to share.
"Larry next time you want something asked for it what you did was very wrong
Come here and give me a nice kiss and hug oh, you can do that after you and Tip-Toe get wash up
Today all the kids are going to camp I'ill be home along at last I couldn't wait until the bus pulled away.
Relaxing read a book I felted a cool breeze go pass me. Like in the movie the girl
Always say 'Hello is there some there?' Of course no one answered
Then a light figure appeared "Don't be frighten I'm Charlie the Ghost-how do you do?'
I was just about to write you a letter but I make to many mistakes, but this is the most important part I would like you to read it out loud".
Dear lady of the house you and your family light up my life, your is filled with love and happiness plus a lot of mystery on who did what ?
I was always the blame for the silly things you guys couldn't remember or want to admit
I didn't mind I felted like family it made me feel wanted, I just wanted you to know how I felted I'm being assigned to anther home, I hope they will be a pleasant as yours.
Charlie reach over to give me a kiss on the cheek but his head went through me.
We Laughed We won't say good bye. Until next time yes Charlie is back, its like old time's.

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Artwork by Bob one oldreb at

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The book continues with Everything Was Frozen Except Me. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Miss Cookie Atkinson All rights reserved.
Miss Cookie Atkinson has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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