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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: September 24, 2020      Views: 17

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Author/Poet. I have published two books on Amazon. They are the first two books in my "From the Mind of a Poet" series. The latest book is titled: Poems From a Black Life that Matters! Check it out!

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Poem about Black Lives
"Black Lives Matter Too" by the13thpoet

Bought and sold, beatin' and broken century after century
Lacking the basic human rights of freedom and equality
And though their lives were tough, they kept the hope and faith
Cause they knew the day would come when this would be a better place
Keeping their spirits high as you continued to beat them down

Living the high-life off their free labor as they built your cities and towns
Intentionally destroyed their culture and families. Forced them to work and breed
Viciously whipped or lynched them if they tried to escape or learn to read
Eventually their freedom came but at a very heavy cost
Southerners in their defeat still refuse to take a loss

Many systems were put in place all designed to keep them down
And now the time has come when must turn the system around
The time has come to take what's ours if you refuse to give it back
The time has come for "WE THE PEOPLE" to get our country on track
Remember when you say ALL LIVES MATTER (even though you won't say it)
by default it means: BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO!

Author Notes
I just want to take this time to say that I too really believe all lives matter. Black lives matter isn't about our lives mattering more than anyone else. If this country/system really believed our lives mattered then we wouldn't have to say it. We would have the same equality, fairness, and justice under the law as white people do and we would get the benefit of innocents until proven guilty. But anyone with eyes to see and empathy for their fellow man knows that is just not the case. I know some people get defensive or take offense to some of my work. Some say they agree and want the rioting and looting to stop. Well we want the inequality, injustice, and killing of unarmed black people to stop. I don't condone rioting or looting, but buildings, jobs, and property can be fixed and replaced. Once a life is gone, it's gone forever and when it's taken so violently and unjustly it leaves DEEP SCARS that linger for years and years. We've been fighting for civil rights since the 60s how many more decades must past before we can experience what this country promises all. ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Well those words don't mean shit if we aren't seen or treated as equal. For black this country was NEVER GREAT! This is just a place of empty promises and broken dreams and yet I still love this country!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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