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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: September 24, 2020      Views: 160
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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

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Chapter 18 of the book on wings of eagles
Maxi and Phoenix make plans at Flying Eagle Ranch
"campfire chatter" by flylikeaneagle

Journalist Maxi McGee goes undercover to write a personal memoir for the Colorado LifeStyle Magazine. She meets friends, goes on adventures, and helps Phoenix.

Maxi watched a large marshmallow flame as she pulled the stick out of the fireplace. Placing the charcoaled marshmallow between the chocolate and the graham crackers, she took a crunchy bite. Liquid chocolate ran down her mouth. Maxi stared at Phoenix's brown eyes with love in her eyes. He leaned over on his lawn chair to give her a kiss on her lips, tasting the chocolate, and smiled. She felt his warm hand on her leg and inhaled his sweaty masculine aroma. Maxi placed her hand on top of his.

"Maxi, I'm so glad you bumped into me on 16th Street. I was a nobody homeless and needed a meal. You took the time to help me heal."

"Phoenix, our meeting was a divine connection. Look at all the adventures and friends we've made because we met Pastor Sam and Chef Linda." She picked up Freedom who was chasing Liberty. "Now I have a cute puppy."

"I'm yours forever, Maxi. You're in my heart." He reached for her hand and kissed it.

"Our differences strengthen us and we gained friends that love us," said Maxi. She petted Freedom sitting in her lap.

"Thank you for joining us," said Joshua Eagle. He stood in front of his guests, sitting around the campfire. "True Colors had a wonderful tea room show with many orders for adult and children's clothes. We have another tea room show Sunday at noon. Jenna Jackson from Colorado LifeStyle Magazine will send her photographers so they can place their story in the August issue."

"Destiny and Zoe would like some models to test out the clothes on a mountain climb. Terry will supervise the climb and help me purchase all the ropes, supplies, and shoes at Colorado Outfitters," said Joshua. "We'll have a camp out and celebrate afterwards at El Dorado."

"When is this climb, Joshua?" Phoenix looked at Maxi. The puppy was licking her hand.

"Next weekend, early Saturday morning, this way I'll have time to shop with Terry. We'll camp overnight at the site. Chef Linda and Chef Brody will make snack bars with Phoenix and anyone else who cares to create these energy bars. I have a wholesale health food vendor who wants to merchandise the bars and veggie chips." Joshua said, "We need help flippin' our Flying Eagle Ranch homestead log cabin by the foothills."

"Joshua, sounds like a busy week," said Maxi. "I'm in. I made snack bars for my swim team."

"Thank you, Maxi," said Joshua. "We'll have a sign-up sheet for the dates and what jobs you all would like to do. Phoenix will move into the finished log cabin as his new home. Tommy and I will mentor Phoenix with our horses and the trail rides for city slickers. Share your ideas for the ranch retreats and outreach with me. I'm always available to listen and brainstorm big dreams."

"Congratulations, Phoenix," said Moni and Annie. "We'll help flip the log cabin and create snack bars."

Joshua said, "I'll leave these sheets on the picnic table next to the children's color markers."

"Can we ride horses and see this log cabin tomorrow afternoon, Joshua?" Maxi spoke up. The wind swirled around the campfire and the logs crackled.

"Maxi, we can all ride after the tea room modeling and lunch. We'll buddy up skilled riders with beginners."

"I would like to ride," said Annie. She dipped some chips into a bowl of Southwestern salsa. "This is tasty, try it Moni."

"Count me in for a trailride," said Moni, holding the bowl of chips. "Can I get your recipe, Brody?"

Chef Brody said, "Linda and I combined our ideas for this salsa and we used grilled peppers. jalepanos, and tomatoes."

"Could you play some songs on the keyboard, please?" Joshua said, "We have a starry night, a campfire, and lots of singers." He strolled over to Linda and sat on a chair next to her by the campfire. He held her hand and leaned over to kiss her on her pink lips.

"You don't have to ask me twice, Joshua," said Pastor Sam. He placed his fingers on the keyboard.

Tommy joined in with Sam on his guitar, strumming the chords. Phoenix played his Duduk, the apricot wood flute, with joyful music.

"I want to thank Maxi McGee, who wrote this song for us," said Pastor Sam.

Maxi stood in front of her friends at the campfire. She wore a red denim jacket over her red v-neck dress that the True Colors design team created. She tapped her right foot to the beat, smiled and took a deep breath.


(original song by flylikeaneagle - nancy gee)

"I've heard many stories about people living in the dark with fear in their hearts.

They are searching for answers and looking for someone to give them a start.

We just have to be brave and take a leap of faith to touch someone,

We can share a smile or two and bless them with the love of the Holy Son.

We all live together in the circle of life, so get out of your comfort zone

and seek someone in need by lending a hand so no one is alone.

Take a leap of faith to touch someone's heart and share a smile or two

with Jesus walking beside us, our lives become blessed and new.

Take a leap of faith to touch someone and get out of your comfort zone

and watch the miracles flow from Heaven to Earth so no one is alone.

Share your time with each other in love and see lives become blessed and new.

I am a child of God, and someone touched me with love. How about you?

Watch the miracles flow from Heaven to Earth so no one is alone

Take a leap of faith to touch someone and get out of your comfort zone."


"Thank you, Maxi. Please give her a high-five and get out of your comfort zone," said Pastor Sam. "We are all sisters and brothers with Jesus walking besides us."

Maxi walked around the campfire and collected high-fives from Joshua, Linda, Moni, Annie, Destiny and Zoe. She sat down and got a kiss from Phoenix.

"Did you write this for me?" Phoenix looked into Maxi's brown eyes. "I am blessed by finding you." He held her left hand.

"Jesus connected us," said Maxi. She picked up Freedom and petted her puppy, a gift from Phoenix. Maxi watched the horses run freely in the corral by the bunkhouse.

"Bless the Lord O my soul, worship His Holy Name, come on and clap with me, said Pastor Sam. He stood up and clapped.

Tommy played a tune on his guitar. Pastor Sam made the black and white piano keys dance under his skillful hands and even his right foot.

Maxi stood up and lifted Phoenix's hand. They slow-danced by the campfire. Maxi wrapped her hands around his waist. He held her close to his muscular chest. She heard the people clap their hands under the twinkling stars, singing and fellowshipping. Jesus and his angels danced to their music around the flaming fire.

Author Notes
I wrote this piece on 02 September 2020 with the song that Maxi sings.
My hubby, John, had me do chores including staining the wood deck and decluttering the kitchen. We had an unwanted pest eating our flour in the corner. I'm almost done with this novel, "on wings of eagles." I started my second novel, "flying eagles," with Joshua Eagle as the lead character pursuing his big dreams for The Flying Eagle Ranch. Thank you for reading and helping me with your comments. God's blessings. nancy ann gee
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