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 Category:  General Non-Fiction
  Posted: September 29, 2020      Views: 15

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A red, white and green party
"Going to the St. Gennaro's Feast" by Carlos' girl

Gennaro's Feast is held every September on Mulberry St. in the Little Italy section of New York. Let's go!

First off, you have to take car service there. You need to arrive in a black sedan with tinted windows. Everyone knows if you want to impress an Italian man, you need to look like you are either the mob, a model/ actress or an undercover cop.

Wear your Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses on top your head, cause it's nighttime. Only tourists and amateurs come during the day. Besides, you are not here to ride the ferris wheel. You are here to eat, drink and meet a hot Italian man with eyes like Al Pacino. Enough said.

Wear a dress. It's hot outside, and the situation is made worse by all the generators lighting up the night and keeping the churros hot. Did I say churros? My mistake. In Spanish culture, these delicious sugar- encrusted sticks of dough are called churros. Now we are in Little Italy, mama...we eat funnel cake.

Now. Lets proceed to the beer stand, where we let the first person in line give us a spot next to them. Okay. After we have our green plastic cup of beer, let's cause a commotion.

We are headed to the Information Booth. Lol, getting information from an Italian Information Booth is like getting a swiss banker to make love to you, getting an Irishman to leave the pub with you, or getting a Spanish man to leave his mother. Don't get mad.

But, go we must. Porque, you ask?
We are going to have the booth make a few announcements on the loudspeaker...
"Will Paul Newman please go to the Coors beer garden? Your party is here"...
" Will Bob Dylan please go to the stage area? Someone has turned in your guitar"..
You get the picture.

Now, we need to win some stuffed animal prizes. This is Carnival at its best. You know, shoot the water balloon with the pistol and win a big blue fuzzy stuffed teddy bear. Only you know we can't shoot straight to save our lives. That's where the cute Italian guy next to you comes in. He's gonna pull the trigger til he wins you that damn Teddy bear. Yeess. His mama brought him up right!

Okay. Its midnight. Only we ain't no Cinderella. Tonight, we are an Italian Princess. And these are our people. So, let's mingle. The party is just beginning.
Ciao Bella!

Author Notes
La dolce vita
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Renate-Bertodi at FanArtReview.com

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© Copyright 2016. Carlos' girl All rights reserved.
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